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Fun Halloween Art: The Uncanny Warriors!


This one's a special one for me. I've wanted to share this idea with everyone for quite some time now and finally got to it this weekend. Every year, I want to start the season off with a Halloween related project and make it a sign for opening night. It gets people smiling and laughing... all part of a great time out at the Oracle!

I'm a BIG X-Men fan and flipping the cover concept to Giant Sized X-Men #1 has been a project I've wanted to work on since I joined GSoM last year. The gang is just about all here:

Monta = Daredevil (since he rode a moped lol)
Brandon Wright = Mr Fantastic (just had to do it!)
Biedrins = Colossus (The X-Men's big man)
Jackson = Wolverine (leadership skills)
Maggette as Ice Man
Harrington as Cyclops (3rd team leader!)

I just wanted to have fun with this and make sure I got it down right. Sometimes life can get so busy you just gotta kick back and have have fun with what you do. Hopefully you saw me last night holding a big sign of Golden State's fun loving mutants! Hit the jump to see pictures of me and the sign in action from last night.









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