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Game #9: Warriors vs Pistons - We Talkin' Bout PRACTICE


I'm NEVER going back to the Finals? Then why did I go to the Pistons?!?!

Warriors (W-L):
Pistons (W-L): 5-2
Time: 7:30 PM PST
Radio: KNBR 680

The Pistons made a blockbuster trade and...they lose two straight. But hey, Iverson got his first win as a Piston by destroying the dominating Kings. If we couldn't beat them, they have to be good, right? ...Right?

Here's what I see for this game - ENERGY. Although Tuesday's victory against the Wolves wasn't a pretty one, a win is a win, and I think that brought some confidence in the young'ns. It was amazing watching Morrow drain those two three's and I can forsee this man taking Al's role as a 3 point specialist.

A.I. and crew have a deep team, they look better on paper, but they got nothin' on us!

As one of the Warrior Girls said to me at the game on Tuesday - WE STILL BELIEVE!

Ok, that didn't really happen...but I can pretend right?

R Dizzle's Predictions

  • Warriors LOSE by 1(just for you saintdee)
    We trade Al Harrington at the beginning of the game for the Rock Band 2 Special Edition Bundle. The Halftime show is Rob Kurz singing "Eye of the Tiger" with Morrow on the lead guitar, DeMarcus Nelson on bass, and Turiaf on the drums. The crowd goes wild and stays to see if there's an encore after the game.
    Andris gets another double-double...sigh. How bout a triple-double already? I see ya taking the ball up Andris! 12 ASSISTS!!
  • Ron Ron gets hyphy on the sidelines as Morrow drains four 3's
  • I get knocked out by my buddy and miss the 4th quarter cause I keep yelling "YOU GOT THE ANSWER, BUT WHAT'S THE QUESTION?"
  • Jack rests on the bench for 3 minutes.
    Kwame Brown scores 20 points. You don't believe me now...but just wait.
  • Monta Ellis scores 30...oh wait, my bad. Scratch that one.


Never gets old.


Who's it gonna be?

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  • 37%
    We talkin bout practice man.
    (199 votes)
  • 13%
    You've lost your mind R Dizzle
    (73 votes)
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