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RECAP: Warriors 102, Pistons 107 - That Wasn't Practice

Final Boxscore |  Open Thread (1100+ comments!)


Question: Who can take away our 12 point lead in the 3rd Quarter?

Answer: The Answer.

Yet another loss.  But, for a game that we weren't supposed to even contend in, we put a good fight for the first 30 minutes.  Things were going smoothly, shots were being made, defense was being played, the Pistons were gettin boxed out, and it looked like we were going to beat a team that we stood no chance against...but, its 2008.

And in the words of Atma Brother #1 - WE BELIEVE IS DEAD.



Still got it

Isn't this guy supposed to be 33?  How is HE the fastest guy on the court still?  Man, I've always been a fan of A.I. and tonight he showcased why he's ranked third all time in scoring average per game.  And his cross-over?   Still got it. 

Just out of curiosity, why didn't anyone make a ridiculous trade idea for us to get A.I. at any point?  Sure, he's got he's contract and he was part of a division rival, but there were even more ridiculous proposals...Tim Duncan anyone?

Imagine - Allen Iverson + Monta Ellis + Corey Maggette + Stephen Jackson + Andris.



I know this one...ball goes in the hoop

The dunk heard across the world

Except it wasn't a thunderous "SONIC BOOM".  Instead it was more of a "CLANG" or a "BOINK."  There's no way that I can possibly say one missed shot, or one missed dunk is what causes us to lose the game, but man, that was one heck of a momentum killer.  We come into the 2nd half up by 7, make shots early in the 3rd to bring the lead to 13, have the energy of the crowd, and...Andris misses an open dunk.  I know I know, I can't put the blame on him, especially seeing as though he's getting a double-double every game, but that was the spark that led the fire in the Pistons.  It happens, but that was a terrible way to go out.

Speaking of Andris, give this man props for getting his 16th consecutive double-double in the first half.  Good work Beans!


Only one tech?  Must be my lucky day!

Rasheeeeed Wallace!

I thought this man was going to win the game for us.  A tipped in shot and two missed free throws?  I couldn't have asked for more from 'Sheed in the last few minutes of a tight game.  Check out what he said about that tipped in shot -

"That really hurt my feelings, that tip," Wallace said. "You can't let that frustrate you. I missed two point-blank foul shots. I'm upset at myself about that. You can't let that one thing get you down. That's what we did, just dug deep and came up with some stops down the stretch."

Didn't know the guy had feelings to begin with.  I had faith in the old man Wallace but I seemed to have forgotten a very crucial detail about Sheed.

He was the best three point shooter on the court all game.

Two back to back 3 pointers late in the game = loss for Warriors.




Not quite done cookin' yet...

Hey, I understand it's hard for CJ to guard Iverson.  That's like me trying to guard Rob Kurz - it's an unfair match up in every way.  But that does not excuse the mental mistakes or the crucial missed free throws.  How in the world are you going to play in the NBA and step over the line on an inbound pass?  I thought that's the stuff you learn not to do in middle school!

Lead scorer on the Warriors, fine, but we need more assists out of CJ!  Man, is this the time to start yelling for Monta?


Gotta make it happen cap'n

The Old Guys

It was good to see Maggs back on the court slashing and doing his thing.  13 points in his first game back isn't bad at all.  However, it is pretty apparent that he's nto 100% as he tried to take as many outside shots as possible.  Hopefully by early next week, he'll be back to his old self getting into the lane and finding his way to the foul line.

As for SJax, he was his same old self.  I can't knock this guy for trying but going 5-19 isn't going to cut it if he's going to lead the team.  We CANNOT live and die by one player, but he's going to have to do better.  I'm sure playing 42+ minutes plus every game isn't helping, so I really hope he finds some time off on Saturday against the Clipps.  I will mention this - he is being much more selective about the 3s.  Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is something only time will tell.


Next up - LA Clippers.  Don't they have some guy that used to play for us or something?  Wonder how that's going to turn out...


I woulda loved to give this to Andris for his 16th double double...but I gotta give my man Tony.psd his props for getting approval on the double-double poster!     Apparently Andris saw Tony in the stands and grabbed it 5 minutes into the shoot around!

Good work man!


Yes, that would be Andris with Tony's Wife!




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