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Game #10: Warriors @ Clippers – A lose lose situation

I'm going to put aside my anger ... and remember the good old days!

Warriors (W-L): 3-6
Clippers (W-L): 1-7
Time: 12:30 PM PST
Radio: KNBR 680

When I heard in the offseason that Baron bolted for the Clippers, I wanted to hate him. I wanted nothing more than for Baron and Clippers to have the worst season possible. No matter how much he saved our franchise, I still had so much anger pent up that I couldn't muster any happiness for him to receive such a lucrative contract.

However, 9 games into the season I now look at our Warriors and the Clippers and I can't help but realize how all of this was just such a lose lose situation for everyone. The Clippers are the worst team in the NBA and though I thought I would be glad Baron is going through this, I'm really sad. Plus, our Warriors are in the "rebuilding" stage so in the end no one really wins. However, I'm not going to feel sorry for anyone who gets paid millions to play a damn game.

Today's matchup is big on drama and pride. Baron hosts the team who made him famous and wants to prove them wrong for not giving him the contract he wanted. The Warriors want to win to prove we don't really need Baron. Maggette wants to come off the injured list and show the Clippers they lost out on the swap. In the end no matter the outcome, it's not going to prove anything other than the highlight reels and that distant phrase we used to say ... "we believe".

YaoButta's Predictions

  • Warriors win by 7.
  • Maggette and Jackson have a big game. 20 plus points each.
  • Baron Scores over 25 but shoots a low % by jacking up a lot of shots.
  • Harrington gets traded for the Clipper Girls (God I hope so!)


Who won the Maggette – Baron swap?

This poll is closed

  • 37%
    Warriors won! 3 & 6 is better than 1 & 7 any day.
    (275 votes)
  • 7%
    Clippers won! Baron needs time. You’ll see what happens today.
    (55 votes)
  • 55%
    No one wins. We both regressed.
    (405 votes)
735 votes total Vote Now

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