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Need More-ow?

Okay bad story title, but if you haven't had enough of news about Anthony Morrow, I've got you covered. He's the latest buzz around Warrior circles so get your fill of Morrow news.

What the Morrow will bring

The most amazing part about Anthony Morrow’s performance Saturday was that it wasn’t that amazing. Sounds like a contradiction, right?


How Morrow could change the Warriors assuming that wasn't a fluke 37 points

It happened. In the NBA. With NBA players trying to guard him, well, except for the times Baron decided not to. Morrow did this in summer league. He occasionally does this in practice.



The lost Morrow tapes? Nah but he had confidence before training camps

Seems like the perfect time to go to the tape recorder and transcribe that Anthony Morrow interview from back in training camp.


And a recap of the Warriors-Clips from the blog Clips Nation, Golden State 121 - Clippers 103

One thing is certain. Fringe players throughout the NBA are, as we speak, checking the schedule and circling the dates against the Clippers. Because it's their best chance to score a career high, and probably go for 30.

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