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The Golden State Tricycle

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Friday's home game match up against The Chicago Bulls is also "Filipino Heritage Night" at the Oracle Arena. For myself and so may others, this is an important night showcasing of course, our fearless Golden State Warriors and an evening filled with Filipino related entertainment, culture and our community having a great time out at the Roaracle!

The concept behind "The Tricycle" design is a celebration of 2 interests. First, when I was growing up, I often enjoyed my tricycle rides in the Philippines and loved the look of each stylized tricycle. Second, my devotion towards Warriors basketball fell into place and had me wondering, "What if the Warriors had a "We Believe" Tricycle?!"  So there you have it, a Warriors-colored tricycle with Monta riding it in style (oversized shirt, comfortable summer shorts and slippers!) You'd be surprised at how many folks can fit in a Tricycle!

Wallpaper it up on your desktop courtesy of GSoM and Tony.psd!