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RECAP: Warriors 125, Knicks 138: Want to hear something funny?


Yea! This guy beat us! No joke!

Since 67% of you felt I wasn't funny in my preview, I'll refrain from my comedic jokes tonight and instead offer some insightful vices to get over our butt kicking:

Here are my top 5 things to do when the Warriors are getting their butts kicked:

5: Play Desktop Tower Defense (I got to level 91).
4: Watch a Martin Lawrence Marathon on FX. How he hasn't won an Oscar is beyond me!
3: Defrost your fridge while cleaning bathrooms.
2: Tell your girlfriend you don't believe in marriage. Enjoy the following conversation.
1: Sit at computer and read GSoM comments

6 game losing streak. Oops sorry that's not very funny. Wait this is better ... we're now 5 and 12. No sorry that wasn't any better. This is just sad. I know we're playing our young guys and waiting for Monta to come back but honestly I can't do this anymore. I can't write this recap. I'm going on strike. I'm taking a break. I'm checking myself into a nice spa/resort somewhere remote and not looking at the newspaper till the All-star break. Anyone else with me?

Fine! Then on with a crappy recap:

The Warriors tonight showed me what it was like to play with no heart and no defense to give a team a franchise record for most points in the first half, 82. That wasn't the only record broken tonight. No, David Lee had a career high 37 points and Chris Duhon had a franchise record 22 assists. 2 players I never thought could possibly do that in a game and they did that to us.

This game was over by the second quarter. You could see the lack of Warrior transition defense allowing the Knicks to shoot a high percentage shot and basically blowing the game away. It also didn't help that we didn't get anything from Belinelli, Morrow, and our young guns Wright and Randolph.

Maggette had 32 points and Crawford had 21 but it was ugly. It looked as though we were the Clippers for a second. Even CJ Watson had a nice 23 points with 9 of 17 shooting but honestly our guys could only score individually. No one cared enough to play as a team. That's my frustration with CJ as a point guard. I know you all will hate me for saying that, but I don't see CJ as the answer. I'm waiting to be impressed.

We lost to the Knicks. I thought we would have killed them. I thought we would have ended our 5 game losing streak to a team we should have beat and I thought we would have showed some sign of moxie and improvement. Instead, we lost to a crappy team who ONLY played 7 players and worst of all, we lost to a guy we traded away because he had no heart. It's only fitting that Al Harrington tried to stick it to us. The guy who gave up on the Warriors and pouted his way out of Oakland got the better of us tonight. If we had someone like Mullin (in his hay day) on the floor tonight I swear he would have elbowed Al in the face by the second quarter. But alas our team is made up of Girl Scouts.


Give the Warriors a badge for the best "Running away from Offense"

Al Harrington battled for loose balls and pounded his chest and gave me another reason to hate the guy. Someone who was too proud to work it out with Nellie wanted so badly to show us up instead of being a better person. Maybe I'm just hating, but add Al to my list of players I dislike. (J. Noah ... congrats you're still in the lead)


No one deserves a Warrior Wonder tonight, but I'm going to give it to Maggette for the sake that he had 12 rebounds with 32 points. Fine. Take it. Tell me when Monta returns.

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