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RECAP: Warriors 79, Grizzlies 90: Are you kidding me?

Final Boxscore | Open Thread (293+ comments)

And we basically took it like that!

Normally I would be complaining that I had a business dinner which did not allow me to watch the game live, however in this case I'm pretty happy I wasn't able to see it. I guess what would have been entertaining was the look on my face when I got home and saw the final score on the internet.

We lost to whom? By how much? And to whom? Are you kidding me?! This new poster by Tony.Psd basically sums it up:


Now don't get me wrong, I'm not reverting back to my old days of hating on the Warriors and professing the end of the world is coming ... but wow, we do suck.

Who beat us?
Losing to the Memphis Grizzlies is just bad. Taking into consideration how hard the West is and the fact that we don't have Ellis till January, we are going to have to win as many "easy" games as possible in order to have a chance. To give the Grizz some credit, they do look good for 3 good reasons:

  • Memphis D shut the Warriors down causing us to shoot a dismal 34% from the field and a ridiculous 15% from the 3pt line. How do you go 3 for 20?
  • Who knew Marc Gasol was that good? I sure didn't. I expected him to play a decent game but 27 points, 16 rebounds, and 3 blocks just killed the Warriors. It was as if he was the only player in the paint. Standing 7'1 and 270 pounds, Gasol was hitting nice bank shots and open dunks as he had a field day playing around Biens and Harrington.
  • Their three were better than our three! Alongside Marc Gasol, Rudy Gay and O.J Mayo make the Grizzlies a neat young team to watch compared to the ugly young team of the Warriors. They combined for 27 points, 6 assists and nearly 50% shooting.


It seemed as though they were playing by themselves

We beat ourselves!

Shooting 34% from the field and 15% from behind the arc isn't going to get it done no matter who you play. What's disappointing is that looking at our starting lineup it's hard to see how our team could have lost, but the numbers don't lie:

  • 13-52: That's the combined FG's for Maggette, Jax, and Harrington. Considering it took Gay and Mayo 26 shots to make 12, I'd say our 3 scorers had a slightly difficult night shooting the ball. 25%? Yikes. Heck throwing in Azubuike's 4-12 increases that percentage.
  • Oh hey, look the young guys got to play. Marco got 3 minutes in the 2nd quarter, Randolph saw 1.5 minutes at the end of the game, and Brandan Wright nearly played a full quarter's worth of minutes. See Nellie loves the young guys. He's just saving them to unleash them on unsuspecting Grizzlies.
  • Jackson and Maggette tried too hard. Shooting a combined 12 for 51 from 2pt and 3pt lines just handed the game over to the Grizz. Since Harrington couldn't pick up the slack this was a game I'd like to soon forget. Thankfully I have the Presidential Race to preoccupy my mind for the rest of the night.
  • Lastly, I'd like to give Biens his props, 16 points, 22 rebounds! He's earning that big contract he signed over the summer. And he didn't miss a free throw. (He didn't take a free throw either). He's got 4 straight double double's...with cheese, grilled onions, protein style. Yumm.


Typically at the end of our recaps, I like to announce my Warrior Wonder however tonight I'd like to take this opportunity to please ask you to to go out and vote tomorrow if you haven't done so. I'm not one to care which political side you fall on, I'm just asking you to please take advantage of one of the rights we have in this country that impacts the next generation of leaders. Thank you!

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