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Warriors One O Eight. - But the Rockets? One Nineteen. - Recap in Haiku

What is there to say?

We never controlled this game.

I drank many beers.



Outmatched in all ways.

Glimmers of positive things.

Yet no victory.


One positive note

Was during the fourth quarter

Played Mario Kart.


Boxscore | Open Thread


Got these bad boys in second place! Nothing can stop me now.


Despite our flawed game

One syllable at a time

Let's break last night down.


Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump

Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump

Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump.


Ronny and BWright

Eating chicken soup at home

Yao killed us down low.


Baby hook in paint

Went down like bread and butter

I drank many beers.


Welcome! Welcome all!

And the Warrior Killer prize

Goes to Carl Landry!


The Warriors looked rushed

The Rockets? Methodical.

Scored on us at will.


I will give props though

C.J, Randolph, Beans and Kurz

These four hustled hard.


Beans is a monster

He deserves better than this

Something must be done.


Good to see Randolph

Log his first double double

Loved his energy.


The future is now.


Okay, honestly

I didn't expect to win

But damn man, this sucked.


But this is our fate

The fate of a Warriors fan

Look to the future.


And so we move on.

There will be more games like this.

We shall overcome.


And in the meanwhile

There's always Mario Kart

So, fear my red shells.



This one goes to Beans

Aggressive play in the paint

Great boards and scoring.


Haiku's are easy

But sometimes they don't make sense





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