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OPEN THREAD: Game #25: Warriors vs Magic

Warriors (W-L): 7-17

Magic (W-L): 18-6

Tip-Off: 7:30 PST


Radio: KNBR





Uh oh...

The good news: Dwight Howard might ride the pine.


The bad news: We’ll probably still get aced.


Let’s be honest. This is going to be pretty. I mean, I’m not trying to be negative here, but we are going up against one of the Eastern Conference elite. Even without the presence of Dwight, they still have a squad that can do some damage.

Let's Jump, shall we?

Okay, I’m not saying we’re not capable of stopping them. It seems, (believe me I am keeping our subpar record in mind here), that each of our last few losses have given us a small reason to continue to believe. One or two players light up and in the end, we’re left with “too little too late” and at least 1 reason to believe that something is developing.


We saw it on Saturday against Denver with Kurz. We saw it on Friday against Houston with Randolph. Rewind past our previous two wins and look back the Spurs to see a decent spurt by Wright; perhaps the only positive aspect of that evening. Look back a bit further to our first Houston game and we see Maggette and SJax with good showings.


Here’s an idea… what if, like, all of you do that at the same time?!


Obviously this is unrealistic. Mainly, if not for other reasons, from an NBA rule perspective. I mean, if 8 players have been allowed on the court this whole time, I seriously call Nellie’s coaching style into question. And every other coach in the league. Except for Phil Jackson. I hear he’s some kind of minimalist.


My point is at one period of time or another, virtually our entire roster has shown top caliber potential. We just seem to be missing one key item that ironically separates the good teams from the bad teams.




It doesn’t matter if Dwight plays tonight. What matters is that we finally get our rhythm together. What matters is that our boys live up to a better caliber of ball as individuals and as a team. That’s really all that matters!


Well, okay. Maybe Dwight playing matters a little bit.



  • Dwight rides pine. Why risk aggravating his knee over a 7 and 17 team?
  • SJax  - 25+ pts and 5+ dimes.
  • Biedrins – Double Double (this is getting to be more fact than prediction, isn’t it?)
  • Jameer Nelson embarrases us.
  • Warriors by 1.


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