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OPEN THREAD: Warriors @ Pacers


After the '07 playoffs, even former Warriors started punking Dirk

Warriors (W-L): 7-18
Pacers (W-L): 8-16
4:00 PST
Radio: KNBR 1050

Our mighty Golden State Warriors open up their 5 game road trip against the Indiana Pacers. The Warriors are currently 3-11 on the road so let's all pray that this road trip goes better than the last couple (0-5 and 1-2).

Indiana is struggling too. Not quite as bad as the Warriors, but they are having some problems. Fellow SB Nation blog, Indy Cornrows, opens the recap of the Pacers blowout win over the Washington Wizards

Is it really over?

The game, the losing streak, the late-game collapses, the excess turnovers and defensive lapses. Well, for one night anyway it appears the answer to all of the above is YES.

Question: Who's roster would you rather have, Indiana's or the Warriors'? With Indiana you get a real point guard in TJ Ford, a bonafide young scorer in Danny Granger, a guy who's averaging a double double, and when the second best player on the team comes back you'll have another guy who can score almost 20 a night.

Troy Murphy is having a nice season with his 11 and 11. Glad to see him playing well or at least putting up numbers. The other half of the Dunmuprhy Sisters is hurt and this game just won't be as much fun without Mike Dunleavy Jr. He's been injured all year and his timetable for return is always getting pushed back.

So if you watch the game, focus on Granger and Ford. Those two are what make the Pacers go. I'm also interested in seeing Brandon Rush, a guy I thought would have been a nice fit on the Warriors.

Hit the jump for a picture of Troy Murphy that will help remind you of him when he was on the Warriors.


  • Warriors by 1
  • Pacers like to score and play very little defense too. This game will get into the 120's.
  • Biedrins goes bananas on Murphy and the Pacers frontline to the tune of 20-20
  • Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph get to play in the first half.
  • Marquis Daniels lights up the Dubs


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