Trade Rumor: Felton for Wright or Randolph

Ray Felton from Charlotte for a package including either Wright or Randolph.

This, according the the Charlotte Observer:  "The Warriors and Bobcats have had discussions about Felton, an NBA source told the Observer, and the Warriors appear open to giving up either Randolph or Wright to make a deal work"

I, for one, have long thought that Felton would be an obvious target for trade.  First, the Bobcats drafted Augustin with the 9th pick, leading to the obvious issue of two starting point guards.  Second, most NBA teams don't have point guard depth to trade.  Third, the Bobcats have lots of other needs.  And fourth, they didn't extend his contract, making him easier to trade.

I've also thought the W's would be a good destination.  He's very fast, probably as fast as Monta.  He's a good ball handler.  He's a very "pesky" defender, which is to say he's a strong defender in most areas but lacks height and can be posted up.  He's a true 1.  He's great in transition.  He's great with the pick and roll.  He can get to the hoop and he can create for other players. 

This is exactly what the W's are lacking, IMHO.  Additionally he's young but mature.  The obvious questions are 1)  Is it an equitable trade, or, are we giving up too much; 2) how will he fit with Monta, or, isn't that a really small backcourt?; and 3) Is there enough playing time in our backcourt, or, how many freaking smalls do we need?

Personally, I say make the trade, I really like Felton and think he'd be a good fit.  I think Nellie could use his offense again, we'd have a very fast backcourt, we could start running again, and he fits in with a long term youth oriented approach.  Charlotte's gotten good production out of him and Augustin in the backcourt at the same time and Monta is not a 1, he's a 2.  Finally, it provides more incentive to trade one of our swing men who make a lot of money and duplicate each other.  I say, make it happen!


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