On ESPN First Take: Nellie Tells Randolph's Agent to Seek Trade Options

Anyone else listen to ESPN First Take today? (Friday morning). They were talking about Nellie and Mullin being ina feud and no longer on speaking terms, and then they reported that Nellie was intentionally not playing Mullin's draft picks to spite him (Wright and Randolph) and that he even went as far as to tell Randolph's agent that it wasn't working out and that he should seek trade options. Only reason this really caught my ear was that in the last few days trade rumors have been abound that Warriors have been seeking trades with Charlotte for Felton, with Wright or Randolph has the trade bait?


Anyone else here anything like this? If so I'd say my respect for Nellie and the front office has officially left the golden state.


Update~ heres the ESPN first take link, the comments are made at 1.56 in

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