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RECAP: Warriors 99, Hawks 115 - Ya Know What REALLY Grinds my Gears

Update; The Hawks took the Celtics to 7 games last year in the playoffs, not 8. That's what I get for watching bad basketball - my mind gets all messed up.

Final Boxscore | Open Thread (450+ Comments)


I think the Rim is going to feel that one for days

Jeez. I swear I've seen this game before. Close in the first half, even closer in the third, and then BAM it all slips away in the fourth. Here I am, a few hours later, thinking that I just wasted two hours of my life watching that because at the end of it all - there's just no hope for the year. It would be one thing if this happened once in a while against the really great teams, BUT NO.

Ya know what REALLY grinds my gears - THIS HAPPENS EVERY GAME.

Hit the jump...


I like the effort.

Dre Servin the Double-Doubles

I really can't knock this guy during the hard times - he comes out every night with energy and effort. It seems (and correct me if I'm wrong here) that he's got a winning mentality - he hustles hard and doesn't play outside of his game. Although I did see him take the ball up a few times (for the love of God that needs to stop), he knows his place and how to handle the ball. 6-9 shooting, 14 points, and 15 boards. Good work man.

Honestly though, he wasn't too bad with taking up the rock - maybe he should play point.


So angry...

The Hawks

This is one very very good young team. They hustle hard, run the floor, and play defense - what a nice concept. They won't be on the top of the East for another few years, but there is some high-flying talent that will soon take down the Celtics. Heck, they almost did that last year by taking the C's to 8 7 games in the first round. Yes, Josh Smith is amazing, but you've got to give players like Marvin Williams and Joe Johnson the credit they deserve. When it was close in the 4th quarter, they all turned it on and came out looking like experienced vets.

By the way, who the heck is Flip Murray and how did he score 14 points in the 4th quarter?

The Hawks are a fun team - I just wish they'd stop stealing our ideas. Sucks for them that WE BELIEVE IS DEAD.

Now let's take a quick look at the Warriors tonight...

Rob Kurz

Admittedly, I'm probably Rob Kurz's biggest fan. If you think I'm joking, I seriously own this


It's hanging right next to my We Believe shirt. I was hoping this guy would be the second coming of Matt Barnes - guy with a chip on his shoulder (undrafted), not really allowed to shoot but had the talent (see Preseason), and no one really had faith in him but one old skool coach (Nellie). After the last few games, this looked like a serious possibility that if it happened I woulda rubbed in everyone at GSoM's face - ESPECIALLY FJ, AB1, Hash YaoButtaMing, and DJ Fuzz Logic - they're all Rob Kurz haters.

They also told me David Leroy Wood was a scrub when he played for the Warriors. Ahem...let me remind you he WAS on the team after their last playoff appearance in the 90s and if CWebb and Nellie weren't having their little tiffs, they would have made the playoffs again cause DWood was going off. He was amazing yo, such a great player.

I'm gonna go ahead and assume you all have no idea who DWood is but he'll probably go down as my favorite Warrior of all time.

Anyway, I guess I was hoping we would that Rob Kurz would be the second coming of David Wood. But being in the starting line up with 12 minutes, going 0 for 4, with only 2 assists and 2 boards ain't gonna cut it man. Even I can't defend that.

Looks like the rest of them are right as always. I'll be right about CJ Watson! Just you wait!


I hate you all.


His hair is awesome. Bring it back Jack!

Stephen Jackson

Man, I wish you didn't sit on the sidelines in a fly suit tonight. Wish you weren't injured still because let's face it, you were missed.


Go head, try to tell me that we couldn't have used his clutch 3s in the 4th quarter or his veteran leadership to lead us the glory land (in this case victory).

Go head, tell me that he would have turned it over 20 times, shot 4-25, and made stupid mental errors. Well, he didn't have any time today, so you can't make the claim that he would have done that. Who knows? He could have easily gone 15-20, and had a 40 point game with 10 assists.

Granted, with the way he's played lately, and with the silliness that's been going on in Warrior Land these days , I can't really claim that he woulda been playing the role of leader tonight.

But as my big homies, Grimace, the Hamburgler, and Ronald McDonald say - "It Could Happen!"


Can't say I'm Lovin' this season.


What in the world is going on in this picture?

Corey Maggette

Ok, I'm not one to question a player's injuries, but I'm going to question Corey's injuries. (What?)

Maggs is injury prone, he's always had problems, fine. We should have thought about that a bit more before we signed him to that silly contract. Nothing can be done about that now.

But when was the game he played? He's missed like 7 in a row and is he even around at the games? Something just doesn't seem right about this. It almost seems like we're running into Al Harrington's "back injury" again.

I don't know what's going on and I'm not one start rumors, but methinks Corey might not be happy, or he might not be a Warrior for very long.


I want 30 Warrior Wins for Xmas.

Anthony "Rudolph" Randolph

Now say that one ten times fast. Where you at man? Trippin that Nellie told your agent you should be traded? Hey, I'm with you, that's not a nice thing to say to a 19 year old, but this is the NBA kid!

Maybe he's just working hard with Santa trying to get kids their Wii's this year.

Who knows - but the box score says "DNP COACH'S DECISION."

That's not too great cause you were taken #14 and two undrafted rookies got more time than you.


You ain't servin' anything good tonight man.

Jamal Crawford

What happened? Did you catch the Stephen Jackson Flu or something? No consistency, poor choice in shooting, and what's this...3-15 from the floor? Please, please, please go on a hot streak so we can win a game this road trip!


I get it! He's got a long WING span!

Brandan Wright

B doing alright? Kinda catchy, I should liscence that term or something. Then I can be like those guys that jacked Vince Young's slogan.

Anywho, yes, we all have the right to ask why he's not getting more time, or even starting. Coming off the bench he came up with a career high 19 points and 8 boards in 30 minutes.

Now stop and think - what could he have done if started instead of Big Rob?

Nellie knows what he's doing...Nellie knows what he's's my new mantra.

Say it with me now...Nellie knows what he's doing.


Tony, where you at on this one?

Ronny Turiaf

My goodness. Where do you live cause I'd love to go your Block Party man!

Lame I know but 3 blocks in his time on the court is begin to show how great his timing really in on defense. I agree, blocks aren't really a great measure of good defense, but it's what we have for now so be happy.

On a side note, he's third best in the NBA in blocks per game as well as total blocks. Take a wild guess who he's behind on that one?

Yup, Dwight Howard and Marcus Camby. Don't really care cause at least we're top in the NBA on something besides most minutes per game and most points given up per game.


He looks yooooounnnggg.

Anthony Morrow

Great play as always for an undrafted rookie. Smart shots, nice touches, and nice hustle for boards. I never really have anything negative to say for this guy, mostly cause there are no expectations. If he busts out with 15 points like tonight, it's like, "Oh man, where did he come from?" If comes out with 0 points a la Rob Kurz (I'm still upset about that one) then it's simple, "Well, he's an undrafted rookie. Whateves."

Gimme 30 points 2-Morrow! (You liked that.)

I want to be Will Smith.


Well, yo, are you ready for me yet? PUMP IT R DIZZ!

I predict an explosion in the Warriors organization. Something big is about to happen - there are just waaaay too many rumors, way too many "he said she said" things going on these days for something not to go down. Whether it be a trade, a firing, a resigning, something is about to happen.

Will it be Maggs, Randolph, or Wright being traded?

Will Nellie step down or worse, get fired?

Say it with me now...Nellie knows what he's doing.

Will Mullin get fired?

Will Cohan do us all a favor and sell the team to GSoM so we can turn this thing around?

I seriously hope for the last one because I have no problem with the rest of the guys running the front office while I try to go one-on-one with Rob Kurz during practice to get him to be a better shot blocker.


Not again...


Check out the kid with the basketball on his head!

Why do I have to keep this? It's not fair!

Yes, Marco Belinelli gets the honors for the night. Congratulations on another career high game with 27 points and 6 assists. Looks like I might have to put down the Haterade soon...but not yet!

One More Thing


Happy Holidays to all Warriors and GSoM fans! This will probably be my last post until 2k9, so hope everyone has a good holiday and takes some time to enjoy the company of friends and family. Be safe, and see you in 2009!

I'm got "More Warriors Wins" on my XMas list - what's on yours?

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