Blame it on luck


I just want to get this off my chest. (Since I’m sort of fuming from the game still)

Dear Warriors Boys,

Recently, I became a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors. (Yes, you boys.) Since my first time watching you guys in mid November (against the Chicago Bulls), you have only won twice.

People argue it's because of your lack of defense. Other said it's because you humans don't share the ball. Many say it's because of inexperience. And the haters...they blame it on Nellie.

Me? I blame it on luck.

I honestly thought you had an equal chance of winning the last five games. (even if  the opponents are almost all playoff contenders) How could 2 of you bigs be out with the flu when Yao was trying to recover from a cold? (flu?)

And Ron wasn’t even playing.

Forget about the games with the Nuggets and Magic (I can’t seem to remember them right now), but the games with the Pacers and Hawks…the Warriors (yes you! pointing accusing finger), any humans can see you boys were doing so extremely well (unless they are blind – must get your eyes check then!) but why did you give up the fourth quarter?

What did you humans do during break that effect the game? Was it something that you ate? A snack? A drink? Or was there  hot girls that made you boys forget where you were? Who you guys are?

What?! What was it?!!

Tell me that secret.

And the secret to preventing fouls. I noticed that the you, the Warriors boys, almost always go over the limit and that in the fourth quarter, you are hurt by this. And this occurs on games that are so, so close. The Rocket on December 5. - How many FT did Yao have in the fourth quarter? How many free throws did Danny get in the last minutes (with only 2 minutes left?) of the Pacers game?  

And these men have high % in free throws. (You even allowed Danny to break the record.17/17)

And with your luck, tonight wasn’t any different; free throws are definitely free.

I always believe that you, the Warriors boys, are giving, but be stingy with them free throws!!

And luck…the veterans are always out with some injuries. And this speaks boldly when you humans are a team of young players…the youngest team in the NBA.

And just another of your luck… baskets are not going in!

But you know what? I honestly believe that through times of trial and (a lot) of errors, through practices and more practices, chemistry… through losing and losing again, that you, the Warriors boys will find your place; your own stance where you boys will unite. And unite as a team of champion.

I believe that.

Until then, I believe you will continue to grow and only grow stronger.

Remember, when you’re at rock bottom, the only way out, is upwards. (Do be thankful that that at least you’re not at the top...because falling will be very painful)

It’s sort of funny to say, but it’s like watching my own children grow.

Make me a proud parent.

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