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Game: Warriors at Bobcats – We have to at least win this one! Right?


Forget the recession, I'm a fan on strike!!

Warriors: 7-20
Bobcats: 9-18
Tip-Off: 4:00 PM PST
Radio: KNBR

If you would have told me a year ago during the offseason that we'd be in a horrible recession this time of year I'd say "get out of here". If you would have also told me that many people would have lost their homes right before Christmas because of the whole mortgage debacle, I'd say "geez I hope not". But if you would have told me that the Charlotte Bobcats would have a better record than us halfway through the season I would have probably slapped you in the face!

Well folks, it's true. Life seems a little grim these days don't it? With the holidays around the corner and not much to be cheerful about its sad to think we can't rely on our beloved Warriors to cheer us up even when playing a bad team.

What is disheartening is Nellie's comments after the game last night reported on ESPN:

ESPN also now ranks us 27th in the league and with 4 of our next 6 games being away against pretty good teams, where will we be ranked by new years?

But maybe we can end our 5 game losing streak against the Bobcats today. And maybe we can play Wright, Randolph and Morrow a little more? Please Nellie?


- Warriors by 7. Yes 7.

- Belinelli continues his hot streak and scores 28.

- Biens and Wright go for a double double each.

- Crawford shoots his way out of a slump.

- Wallace and Diaw each score over 20.


Do you or do you not know about the bird?

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