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OPEN THREAD: Warriors at Heat


 Dear Abby,

I'm not really sure if I have a gripe here, but you've always been so trustworthy in the past. I feel as though it would be insulting NOT to seek your advice on this one so, rather than ask my friends, family, or anyone that I even vaguely know, I thought I'd write anonymously to my local newspaper for the answers that I seek to life's dilemmas.

My favorite basketball team sucks.


Warriors (W-L): 8-21

Heat (W-L): 14-12


Radio: KNBR

Tip-Off: 4:30 PST

I'll give you a second to recover from that. This is no doubt one of the tougher issues that has been thrown your way.

It's just that the team appears to be in shambles right now and I'm not sure what to do. Our star left us for another team. Our reserve star got injured (get this) riding a freakin' moped. And, truth be told, I'm not sure that having him back will even turn around our current situation!

Meanwhile, we're left with a roster of raw, young players who can't seem to string a respectable 48 minutes together. Seriously, you should have seen us against Orlando the other night. Nauseating.

My question is, is it time for me to give up? I've stuck with this team for years and, short of a miracle playoff run two years ago, all I've been rewarded with is 50 cent hikes each year in the prices of beer at the Arena.

Is all hope lost?


Hurting on Hegenberger


Dear Hurting,

You were right to come to me with this. Truly no one can give you better advice on this matter than a random, possibly imaginary figure published in newspapers across the country.

My advice to you isn't going to solve your woes with your current team, but hopefully will give you a new perspective on the situation that will at the very least make tonight's game against Miami bearable.

If you aren't around during the bad times, you don't deserve to be around during the good times.

The truth is, no one knows where your team is going to be when Monta comes back and beyond that, no one knows where your team is going to be in coming years. Sure they can slide further downhill, but it that really going to be any worse than it is right now? But if there is a chance that some of this "young talent" starts to mature, you may look back on this season with relish. The year that your team learned to play together to pave the way for successful seasons to come. If that's all you have to hang on to, then cling to it! They need you more than ever now.

Your team needs to take this one game at a time. I can't think of a better statement than putting up a good showing against the Heat in their own house. Especially when Miami is home to the number 1 scorer in the league, number 10 in assists and number 4 in steals.

And yes. All three of those rankings belong to the same person.

Take it one game at a time, Hurting. One game at a time. And keeping some Pepto nearby doesn't hurt either.


  • Miami is 5-9 when Wade scores less than 30 points. Wade scores 29.5 tonight.
  • We allow less than 111 points tonight.
  • Morrow goes for 15+
  • Randolph gets 15 plus minutes.
  • Warriors by 1.


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