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RECAP: Warriors 88, Heat 96 - In Christmas Tradition...


'Twas the night before Christmas,

And last night we sucked.

The Warriors are hopeless.

Let's face it, we're... um... screwed.


In GSoM style,

Let's bring you all home,

Let's recap this madness,

With a Christmas Eve poem.


Boxscore | Open Thread


Yup. That about sums it up.


So light ye fireplaces,

And gather kids near,

We'll mourn for the Warriors,

And shed us a tear.


Send letters to Santa,

With requests for some D,

Or some offensive power,

So we watch with some glee.


We're hitting rock bottom,

This is more than a slump,

Let's figure this out,

Right after the jump.




On the heels of our loss,

From Orlando that night,

We should have entered Miami,

Prepared for the fight.


With Crawford on pine,

T'would be a challenge to score,

It was up to our young ones,

To take over the floor.


"CONTAIN WADE!" Smart said,


Instead we paved way,

For a new Warrior Killer.


Congrats Daequan Cook,

We give you our thanks,

With your draining of threes,

You now enter the ranks.


Defense. *Clap Clap*


So what are the goods,

From another defeat?

Fool ourselves again?!

Remain blindly upbeat?!!


Sure CJ made shots,

Wright and Randolph did too.

And despite many attempts,

We owe Buike a few.


But the sad truth remains,

Let's be realistic,

We aren't the Warriors of yore,

More like a statistic.


As teams look at their schedule,

And they see us on tap,

Mark a Win in that column,

Cuz we're playing like crap.


Hey, it'll never stop me,

From donning that orange!

It's Warriors for Life!

Something something something... door hinge.


On Friday it's Boston,

Let's play these guys tight.

Until then, Merry Christmas to all,

And to Nellie, a Bud Light!





In my state of disgust,

In this time of unrest,

Through the worst I must look,

And discover the best?


No answer, you do it,

Discuss who you see,

And may you all get for Christmas,

A Nintendo Wii.







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