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1 Ring + 19 Straight + More Rings Coming- What Could Have Been in The Town

A LINK Back:

  • KG Loves India?! We Love KG!!: The GSoM Crew would've happily taken KG out to one of the finest Indian restaurants the Bay has to offer (Kabab & Curry's, Pakwan, Shalimar, Udupi Palace, and Saravana Bhavan) if he was on the Dubs! It's on us man.
  • The Bloggers' Bidding War for Kevin Garnett: Bring KG to the Bay!: KG for Al Harrington, Adonal Foyle, and Patrick O'Bryant? Naw we would have been giving up too much. Just kidding, but we would have been dealing with Kevin McHale you know.
  • Help Kevin Garnett Find the Warriors: It's funny how little credit we all gave Celtics' alumni and current assistant GM McHale.
  • Rumor: Kevin Garnett Interested in the Warriors: The interest was mutual my friend.
  • Rumor: Kevin Garnett Wants to Play with Baron Davis and for the Warriors: I have to admit if KG and BD were on the Warriors on '07, Robert Rowell would have probably let them go for nothing. So no loss right? It saved us from plenty of misery.
  • Jim Gray Says Warriors in the KG Talks: At least the Warriors were in the talks? (Warriors fans have incredibly low standards.)
  • Rumor: KG almost a Warrior on Draft Night: A very, very painful read and link indeed. Wildly entertaining though.
  • WHAT IF... Kevin Garnett joined Golden State?: Seriously, WHAT IF?
  • Rumor: At least 4 teams had better offers for KG: Credit T-Wolves headman McHale though. Not only is he employed as the Minny GM, but he does some "consulting" for his alma matter Celtics on the side.
  • Rumor: Warriors Offered Al Harrington, Andris Biedrins, Monta Ellis + #18 Pick for KG: Seems to trump the Al Jefferson package the Timberwolves got at the end of the day in my book. If you're part of Warriors Nation you have to do that deal. A below average starting forward who's a great guy and intregral piece of the We Believe run, but pouted his way out of here, an extremely limited, undersized big man who can't guard a single 4 or 5 mano y mano, Where Skipping Half a Season to Ride a Moped Happens, and what ended up being the pick for Marco "no shot selection, defense, or hoops IQ" Belinelli? You got it!
  • Q&A: Henry Abbott of ESPN TrueHoop:
    "Much more importantly ... did the Warriors even want Brandan Wright? Agents and various NBA insiders refuse to believe that's so. There are a million theories -- he was supposed to go to Minnesota for Kevin Garnett, Milwaukee for Yi Jianlian, anywhere for anyone -- but no one talking to me seems to think this is really the guy the Warriors wanted."
    Well we know Nellie didn't/ doesn't want him.
  • Q&A: Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress on Brandan Wright: On the J-Rich for Brandan Wright trade:
    Skill-wise, there really aren't that many question marks about Wright. He has all-star potential for sure. The question about him is mentally, whether he has the heart and especially the drive to reach his potential. Not quite as bad, but similar to the question marks people had about Patrick O'Bryant. About whether or not this was a good deal for the Warriors...I personally don't. There's a lot to be said for financial flexibility, and the luxury tax, and all that jazz, but from a talent standpoint, the Warriors took a huge step backwards, which makes very little sense to me considering last year's success, and Baron Davis' age, etc.
  • Q&A: Jeff Clark from | Q&A: Jim from Green Bandwagon: Most Celtics/ Boston fans come across as entitled whiners, but Jeff and Jim are beyond classy. The Celts' recent success couldn't have happened to two nicer guys. Two of the best in the blogging business have formed like Voltron to bring you CelticsBlog on SBNation.
  • Offseason Q&A: Tim Kawakami (San Jose Mercury) Part 3 of 4: The beauty of KG on the Dubs revisited.

This limited edition comic is going for over $21k on eBay!

What would life have been last season and this incredibly difficult one with one of these lineups I dreamed up over a year ago?

So let's say the Warriors were able to nab KG without dealing JRich to the BETcats for another project (not that this was ever even possible, but we're playing "what if's" here). We'd be looking at:

PG: Baron Davis
SG: Jason Richardson
SF: Stephen Jackson
PF: Kevin Garnett
C: Chris Webber? Haha, well let's not go there.

Bench: Kelenna Azubuike, Matt Barnes, Mickael Pietrus, Gary Payton?, and possibly a few other vets looking to win a ring without having to live in the frigid Boston

Or maybe crazy old Nellie (I mean that in a good way) would go small with:

PG: Baron Davis
SG: Kelenna Azubuike
SF: Jason Richardson
PF: Stephen Jackson
C: Kevin Garnett

I like what I see... or at least what I'm dreaming.

Keep those dreams alive my golden people. Some day it'll be all good. Chris Cohan will finally sell the team to an individual or investment syndicate that genuinely cares about winning and has pride in the product they put out nightly. Robert Rowell's unprofessionalism, lack of credibility, and poor qualifications will be replaced by a classy, brilliant front office executive. Chris Mullin will be swapped out with a GM that has actually earned their stripes instead of lucking into a job thanks to a publicity stunt, has some grasp of the NBA's salary cap, and knows what they are doing. And The Don himself Don Nelson will be racking up 3 straight rings setting up the foundation for the next great hoops dynasty as he rides of into the Maui sunset.

We Believe it will happen... some day.

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