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We Believe King - LeBron James to the Warriors in 2010?

Back in the spring of 2k7 We Believe Playoff was in full effect here in the Yay Area.


But in the summer of 2010 will We Believe King be in full effect?


Use your hops like LeBron on a fast break to check out an enlightening email we received the other day.

Hi GSoM,

The LeBron James sweepstakes is already heating up -- the Knicks are clearing cap space, the Nets are pushing to get to Brooklyn ASAP -- and King James is still two years from free agency.

According to, the Cavs are still the favorites to keep LeBron (6-to-5), with the Warriors a 75-to-1 underdog. Odds to Sign LeBron James in 2010

76ers 30/1
Blazers 40/1
Bobcats 50/1
Bucks 25/1
Bulls 25/1
Cavs 6/5
Celtics 20/1
Clippers 25/1
Grizzlies 150/1
Hawks 50/1
Heat 25/1
Hornets 40/1
Jazz 40/1
Kings 60/1
Knicks 5/2
Lakers 15/1
Magic 20/1
Mavs 40/1
Nets 5/1
Nuggets 25/1
Pacers 50/1
Pistons 8/1
Raptors 15/1
Rockets 25/1
Thunder 100/1
Spurs 30/1
Suns 20/1
Timberwolves 40/1
Wizards 40/1
Warriors 75/1

Let me know if you have any questions,
{Top PR Agency}

Thanks for the kind and informative email. I actually do have a few questions, so I'll have to take these good folks up on the offer.

Do the Dubs really have a worse chance of landing LeBron than:
  • the Charlotte Expansion BETCats?
  • the Milwaukee Sucks?
  • the Hotlanta Pigeons?
  • the Utah "NO ON PROP 8 Haters" Jazz?
  • the Indiana Dunmurphy Sisters?
  • the Sacrapmento Kings?
  • the San Antonio Snores?
  • the Minnesota Timberkittens?
What in the name of Bimbo Coles is going on here? I know We Got Suck is Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack in the Bay, but this bad?

It is still somewhat comforting to know that the Warriors supposedly have a better chance than both the OKC Thieves and Memphis Teddy Bears. I don't mind the realism that LeBron ain't coming here in 2010, but all I ask for is a little respect like this.

This my friends is quite... well... "Unstoppable Baby!"

Are these odds totally off? What are the chances the Bay will be King-ed in 2010?

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