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Game #19: Warriors @ Rockets – Merry YaoZa!

Something funny to spread holiday cheer!

Warriors: 5-13
Rockets: 12-7
Tip-Off: 5:30 PM PST
Radio: KNBR 1050

Ooooo it's Christmas already for YaoButtaMing!! I've circled all 4 games against the Rockets on my calendar to watch my favorite team play my favorite player. I can remember like it was yesterday. It's 2001 and the Warriors were COMPLETELY robbed of the lottery ball dropping and ended up drafting (what sparked most of GSoM's popularity) none other than Mike Dunleavy.

Let's just imagine for a second what life would be like if we actually drafted Yao Ming instead of Dunleavy in 2001 shall we?

1) We'd have won 4 championships by now.

2) We'd still have Baron Davis and JRich on the team.

3) Life would be great.

4) We would not be in a recession.

5) Lastly, Jessica Alba and I would have been celebrating our 3 year anniversary.

But alas life is not as perfect. Sure within that time frame we've had our ups and major downs. We've drafted horrible players and gave them horrible contracts but we've also made some sweet runs and did you know we made the playoffs one year? Pretty crazy.

But tonight's about our young squad taking on the Houston Rockets. A team we actually do very well against with our speed and quickness, plus the fact that the Rockets are without TMac for the next three weeks. Without Baron Davis or JRich to hit ridiculous 3 point shots to win the game it's going to be tough but with the emergence of Crawford and Morrow there's a chance? With a 7 game losing streak and not much else to be proud about let's hope we can pull it together and win just one more game before Christmas.

Beans would have blocked this!


- Warriors by 4.
- Yao edges Beans for a more impressive double double.
- Jackson blows up for 27 points.
- Nellie tries Hack-a-Yao only because it sounds funny.
- Morrow pulls a double double.


Who wins De La Hoya vs. Pacquiao fight tomorrow night?

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