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OPEN THREAD - Game #20: Warriors @ Spurs – 9's the Lucky Number


So we might not have her in our crowd...

Warriors: 5-14
Rockets: 10-8
Tip-Off: 5:30 PM PST
Radio: KNBR 680

8 game losing streak? No biggie. But what if that turns into a 9 game losing streak? Do we then start ripping the hair off our head, start screaming in anger, and hope that J Rich goes to the Clipps so we can be bandwagon Clippers fans?

Meh..I'm becoming numb to this stuff. It's the same thing every game. I get excited because the Dubs go out, play hard, keep the game close until the 4th...

And then it all crumbles. Hooray! Another loss! Let's face the facts - we've given up 130 points or more in the last 3 games, we've the worst defensive team, and we're at a league low giving up 111.4 points per game.

Whatever, I'm still going to watch the game and cry at the end of it. Speaking of crying, what do you all do at the end of games? I'm curious to see what loyal GSoMers coping mechanisms are...

Here's the good news - both Nellie and Jack got ejected last night. If I know these guys to the level that I do, they're both going to bounce back and take out their anger on the bad refs from last night and destroy the Spurs with crazy coaching and crazy shooting.

I'm looking at an 8 man rotation, and some posterizing of TD by AR!

But...we still gonna lose.


Back to crying...

R Dizzle's Predictions:

  • Warriors lose by 1
    TD gets 20 points and 10 boards
  • Jack and Maggs shoot lights out.
  • If I turn my TV off at the end of the 3rd, we win
  • AR gets 15 mins

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