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The Death of "We Believe"

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Believe me... I was trying to find something fun to draw but this 9 game losing streak is getting to me. While our community has voiced their opinions on a number of issues lacking within our team, I wanted to contribute it on the artistic tip... but how? Back in the mid 90's, DC comics decided to kill off Superman and piss off a lot of folks. While I feel like we're in the same situation, The death of "We Believe" doesn't mean it's gonna be gone forever. Hopefully it will come back the same way Superman did a few years later. You can believe whatever you want. For now, the thrill is gone.

I don't hate the Warriors, and I don't plan on jumping ship, this is just how I currently feel artistically. When I looked back at that Superman issue 75 cover of his cape flapping around some rubble, hanging on a wooden stick, that's how I feel about our season so far. I'm sure things will change when Monta returns, but you never know...