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Rumor: Warriors Seeking to Acquire Kyle Lowry

Chris Sheridan breaks down the drama of this year's NBA trading deadline in Trade deadline countdown: Who could be dealt next? over at The Warriors were one of the teams he listed as being in the Ron Artest and Jason Kidd- ooops I mean Kyle Lowry sweepstakes:  

So far, so low impact.

The Nuggets' willingness to give up this June's first-round draft pick will keep them a player in the Artest stakes, but it also could make the difference in their pursuit of Memphis point guard Kyle Lowry, who is being shopped by the Memphis Grizzlies.

Memphis also is fielding offers for Mike Miller but is trying to include little-used, heavily compensated forward Brian Cardinal (two years remaining at $6.3M and $6.75M) in any deal.

The Nuggets, Bulls, 76ers, Heat, Warriors and Nets are among the teams seeking to acquire Lowry, the 24th overall pick in 2006 who became expandable when the Grizzlies acquired Javaris Crittenton from the Lakers in the Gasol trade.

"The Grizzlies want to have at least three first-round picks this summer," the source said.

Make the jump for some Lowry links.

Lowry links:

If the Grizzlies are really open to gift wrapping this young point guard prospect like they did with Pau Gasol with the Lakers, the Warriors have nothing to lose here. CJ Watson is more of a backup combo guard, than a pass first traditional PG so the Warriors still have a void there. Monta Ellis isn't exactly a shutdown perimeter defender and it's really costing the Warriors (ahem Chris Duhon and Roger Mason), so maybe Lowry could help out there too. Lowry might give Nellie both those capabilities and be a great backup for Baron down the stretch. It's worth taking a shot on this 21 year old just 2 years removed from being a late 1st round pick.

What's your best offer if any for Kyle Lowry?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

In other news like I wrote in a Q&A over at Bullets Forever... FREE ARTEST 2.0!

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