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GSoF: Super Bowl!

Giants - Patriots.

Yeah yeah, the Patriots beat the Chargers. Whatever...that wasn't too unexpected...

But Eli Manning and the G-Men are in the Super Bowl? Say what?!?! If anyone got to catch that game two weeks ago, you caught a very heart pounding contest. Favre throwing INT and INT? Tynes missing field goal after field goal and then finally hitting the game winner? Eli not crying for once?

Go Eli??

I will say this - the Giants deserve their props. Call it skill, call it luck, they made it to the Super Bowl and who really saw that coming? I applaud the G-Men...congratulations.

Can the Patriots repeat history again against the Giants tomorrow? Hit the jump to see my thoughts!

Super Bowl  
New York Giants @
New England Patriots
Yeah yeah, it's the obvious pick. Whatever. Regardless of what you want to say or think, history will be made. The 19-0 season will be seen and the '72 Dolphins will be crying tomorrow night. We see a good game though - one of the best from the last few years. The Giants pushed and pushed in their first meeting this season in Week 17 and played with heart in a game that was "meaningless" to them. Burress guaranteed a win - bad move, man. Remember last time that a player guaranteed a win against the Patriots? Prepare to be picked on by the defense... The Patriots are not unstoppable and can lose to the Giants. But not tomorrow....

Got faith in the Giants tomorrow?

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