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OPEN THREAD: Warriors vs Celtics - Enter the Dragon


Warriors (W-L): 32-21

Celtics (W-L): 41-10

Time: 7:30PM PST tip off


Vegas Odds: Boston by 2.5 (source:

Not to sound pessimistic here but we have got quite a task ahead of us tonight. I am referring to, of course, the moment that everyone has been waiting for all season. Tonight, the Roaracle will host the one, the only...

The Boston Three Party. JUMP!

As a team that has played the role of the underdog for so many years, we should feel right at home tonight. It doesn't matter who you are, when you go up against a 41-10 team, you better know that you're David, and they're Goliath. Or in this case; the Jolly Green Giant.


"Ho Ho Ho... we're screwed."

So just in case you've been under a rock (NBA-wise), let's talk a little bit about what we're up against tonight. First of all, there's Boston mainstay Paul Pierce. On any given night, Paulie can light up a team for 20 points, 10 boards, 5 dimes, and a partridge in a pear tree. Assuming he is the one who takes the reigns of the mighty Celtic beast tonight. If not, there's always...

...Ray Allen. We may like to shoot the 3, but Ray Ray can shoot the long bomb... and make `em. He's almost 40% from downtown in the course of his NBA career. With arguably the purest shooting stroke in the league, Jesus Shuttlesworth can easily light us up for 20+ points and lead the Celts to victory himself. And even if the NBA's Mr. Nice Guy doesn't choose to do so, well... there's always...

...Kevin Garnett. KG is basketball. He converts his passion to skill on a nightly basis. If this guy wasn't in the NBA, he'd be hanging out on the courts off of Bollinger Canyon Road trying to get into as many pickup games as possible, taking breaks only to get down on some El Balazo nachos and the occasional corn dog from the Target Greatland. Granted he's coming off of an injury, but one can only assume the worst when they face off with Garnett. How we are going to begin to try to stop KG from out-scoring and out-boarding us is beyond me.

What does this all lead to? A very tough situation for us. These three aren't our only problem as Rondo is doing a lot of growing this season. After a beatdown from Utah, our boys are going to have to come out incredibly strong against this team to walk away with a W. This isn't a team that will allow us giant runs down the stretch to make up for a poor 1st quarter start. Prior to the Celtic's loss against Denver, the Celtics had not lost a single game to a team in the mighty Western Conference and had only lost a meager 9 times!

9 times

Niiiiiine tiiiimes.

We're going to need Baron in All Star form. We're going to need Monta to continue his offensive madness. We're going to need Beans and Webber on the boards and pushing around down low...

...and we're going to need the Roaracle to be in full force! If you're going to tonight's game, it's time to make the Arena shake!! Know your role!!


* Ray Ray lights us up from beyond; as a result Denzel gets pardoned from prison.
* Monta continues his heroics. 30+ points for Ellis.
* Beans outboards KG.
* Warriors by 1.

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