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OPEN THREAD: NBA Trade Deadline, 12pm PST

Originally Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 at 08:56:13 AM PDT

The NBA trading deadline is today at 1pm - just a few hours away. Are the Warriors going to make a deal? Are any more NBA deals going down? Heck, if you have a trade question you can ask Chad Ford of ESPN.

Let's start this off with some general NBA trade rumors from Marc Stein of ESPN.

Ron Artest

All signs in the early hours of Thursday morning pointed to Denver not making the much-discussed move for Ron Artest.

It sounds like the Kings would indeed rather move Artest than keep him at this point, given that they're unlikely to re-sign him in the summer and could use the final 29 games to get an even better feel for what John Salmons and their three point guards (Beno Udrih, Anthony Johnson and Tyronn Lue) can do. But Denver is still showing reluctance.

And here are some more trade rumors from Chad Ford. He writes about 15 teams in the article and the Warriors don't appear once. Either Mullin is being super secretive or nothing is brewing.

Post any rumors or actual trades (PROVIDE LINKS!) in this thread and discuss.

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