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OPEN THREAD: Warriors vs. Atlanta - Time to get ill!


Warriors (W-L): 33-21

Atlanta (W-L): 21-30

Time: 7:30PM PST tip off


The Warriors host A-town tonight in Oaktown!

Despite the wide margin of difference in their records, the two teams are perhaps more similar than we think.  In a basketball sense, they're both athletic.  But pop culturally, both cities local music scenes have had a huge impact on hip-hop and r'n'b over the last 15 years.  Who can forget LaFace records in Atlanta (home of 90s giants TLC, Tony Braxton, Babyface, and Whitney Houston) or the turn of the 21st century trend, Crunk.  Us bayheads of course know about hyphy, mobbin' music, high-sidin', Master P, Digital Underground, 2pac, and some of the funkiest funk bands you'll ever hear in the world.  

Too bad tonight isn't a battle of musical chops.  

And even though the Atlanta Hawks are a pretty low-interest team for most, tonight's game still matters.

It matters in the sense that the Warriors are a .600 team and are in 9th place in the conference standing.  Any other year, being .600 means your at least a 7th seed or maybe a 6th seed.   But a low lottery pick???  That's crazy.

In less than a year, the new mantra of the NBA has moved from it's youth movement and planning for the future towards re-adjusting it's focus on the NBA's elderstatemens, mega-stars in the twilights of their careers.  Whereas the Mitch Richmond, Karl Malone, Gary Payton experiments by the Lakers a few years back was laughed at for a variety of reasons, Joe Smith, a bust in my opinion, at 32, is considered an upgrade over Drew Gooden for Lebron and company, according to John Hollinger on  Mike Bibby and Shawn Marion, in the same article this morning on, were considered ONLY 29.  Both Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison, if my memory servces me correct, were seen as going downhill last year at 29 years of age when critics and fans spoke of their free-agency status.  

The Warriors stayed put, not picking up any veteran savvy 29+ year olds.  Nor were they like those teams on the other end, picking up on youngsters like creepy old guys at the clubs.  Atlanta, you could say, improved itself much by getting Mike Bibby, a shoot first guard on a team with plenty of scorers already.  But given the conditions now, the Warriors have a little more to worry about tonight given that ever game counts already in a fully loaded western conference.  Plus, given the Warriors usual lackadasical play after a an exciting win, I have a premonition that tonight will be tougher than our record indicates.  AND if Biedrins is out and Jax is day-to-day, who's going to step up in their absence?  Things are looking riskier already.


* Warriors by 1
* Harrington scores 27
* Brandan Wright gets some burn, but doesn't get off the bench in the second half
* CWebb has his best night yet with extra playing time. 12-6-3
* Josh Childress' homecoming proves disasterous.  But he has one highlight worthy dunk on someone.

What are your predictions and feelings about the Warriors tonight?  Click on 'comments' and join the fun tonight!

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