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No Movin' On Up + Rumor: Warriors Interested in Brent Barry

Well this year's NBA trading deadline has come and gone faster than you can say "She keeps on passssssssssssssssin me by!" (shout out to the Pharcyde) and the Warriors did... nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I have to say it's pretty disappointing. The Warriors are only 5 games out of the #1 seed in the entire Wild Wild West and a mere 2 games behind for homecourt advantage in at least the first round of the playoffs- and we all know what happens to teams when they make the trip out to the Roaracle in the playoffs (Game 4 vs the Jazz notwithstanding). Two-way balla Ron Artest (boy the Warriors sure could use his D down the stretch), Bay Area big man Drew Gooden (I swear he could lead the league in rebounding if he played more), and former All-Star bigs Jermaine O'Neal and Elton Brand (admittedly a big IF though about their health this season) in my estimation would've made a big impact.

Do you honestly think the situation is ever going to be this good in the loaded West for the Warriors over the course of the next 2-3 years, coinciding with All-Star snub Baron Davis' prime? Do you really think Baron is going to have another injury-free season like this again? Do you really think Stephen Jackson is going to have another career year like this one? Do you really think the Warriors are going to have a hall of fame coach at the reigns for all that much longer? I don't unless they make some major moves to bolster the talent level of this team.

Make sure to check out my boy Adam's piece "Internal Development" (and other things we tell ourselves at the trade deadline for some other great thoughts.

We're all about the family show here.

But let's move on. Sure the Warriors didn't make a trade, but that doesn't mean there aren't any chances left to improve this team. Buck Harvey from The San Antonio Express-News notes that some Warriors hall of fame lineage might be on the horizon for the Dubs:

Others have noticed [the Sonics waiving Barry immediately after being traded from the Spurs for Kurt Thomas]. The Suns think they have a chance at him now, as does Golden State.

Both franchises can argue they have more playing time for Barry than the Spurs do now, and they would not be wrong. The Spurs don't need Barry the way they needed Kurt Thomas.

Jump with me for more...

In his prime, Brent Barry was everything Mike Dunleavy was supposed to be for the Warriors- a high hoops IQ, versatile player, with nice handles, and a sweet J from downtown. Don't get me wrong though. Brent Barry is nowhere near that level anymore, but if he can get healthy in time he could be a key role player off the bench for Nellie. Brent's still got that shot, handles, and passing ability, plus those Barry intangibles.

Just for fun take a 7th inning stretch with me for a minute. What if the Warriors somehow shocked the world again and went on a huge tear in this year's playoffs with this whole cast? Just think of the storylines of the Warriors winning another title with a Barry and Chris Webber and Don Nelson winning one together some 14 years after the Drama (seriously that deserves a capital "D"). CWebb could retire and open up some rib franchises in the Bay Area. Nellie could ride off into the Maui sunset. The Warriors might finally open their arms and welcome Rick Barry back and act like he exists (seriously, why don't they show that Warriors legend more respect?).

Life is good.

Imagine that. Makes you want to believe- and maybe even believe something funny was in my cereal this morning to even mention such craziness.

Putting aside my delusions of grandeur should the Warriors try to pick up Brent Barry?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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