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YouTubeTuesday: The College Baron

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I was surfing around YouTube last night I thought I'd post a couple highlights I found from Baron's college years. Just for fun.

The first is one a dribble fake that I'm sure all Warrior fans are familiar with - the behind the back dribble in the open court back to the same hand. The thing about this one is not so much the move - for someone who can dribble, the move isn't that difficult - it's the reaction of the defender in the paint. Dude gets completely faked out. Just watch.

One more highlight after the jump...

This is Baron before the injuries mounted up. Look at the lift, the explosion and where he takes off from. Maybe a few times a year we'll see something like this from Baron (such as the dunk on AK-47), but at UCLA and his first year in the league, it seemed to happen with regularity. Imagine how his career would have been without the injuries. As amazing of an athlete he is right now, he could have been even better.

Update: And another UCLA Baron highlight video. Thanks to Luusiic for posting the link to this one. Some jaw dropping, fun stuff.