Can we maintain the intensity?

Check out Marcus Thompson and Geoff Lepper's blog site here.

Has an interesting few points about:

  1. The Warriors ability to go on crazy scoring spurts that, even when down 10, opponents can't let up.
  2. Can the Warriors play at an intense level consistently or is their MO always going to depend on their "spurtability".
  3. Baron can bring the intensity every night, but he just doesn't...for some reason. Also notes teams focusing in on Monta more (by bringing help defenders), Jackson and Harrington's outside shooting streakiness.
In the end, Thompson concludes by saying:
The reality is, maybe the Warriors have to live on their spurtability. Maybe their success is determined by who's hot, what the match-up is and the momentum. I was convinced that they are a great team who plays down to the competition and sometimes lacks intensity. Now I'm thinking they might not be great, but really good and great when all things are clicking.
If the latter is true, then this roster needs major changes. You can't win in the West on banking on spurtability.

Interesting read, and from what I can gather/assume is that Nellie and Mullin know this too. The West just got tougher to climb for the next 1-2-3 years with Phoenix and the Spurs having a window of opportunity still, Dallas and Utah as the 2nd tier echelon WCF candidates, and then of course you have the Lakers. Seemingly over night they vaunted themselves into the Phoenix/Spurs tier of talent--but the scary thing is that they are still relatively young and their "window" for a championship run will outlast Phoenix and San Antonio, and are in my opinion, a better team that Dallas and Utah. Then you also have your next tier of teams: New Orleans (Probably should be in the upper tier now), Houston, Denver, Golden State, Portland (still 1-2 years away however, but not a team to scoff at).

Can we really be satisfied, as currently constructed, to settle for being a 7-8th seed for the immediate future? It's true that it is better than NOT making the playoffs, but still seems a bit shortsighted in the long term perspective.

It may be too soon to talk about offseason re-tooling/restructuring/rebuilding (taboo word around here), but if that's what it takes then I for one wouldn't be surprised by a plethora of roster turnover. I can't see anyone as untouchable with Nellie here outside of Monta.

I guess i'll just end it here and see what you think.

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