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OPEN THREAD: 76ers @ Warriors - Go watch "Semi-Pro!"

Warriors (W-L): 34-22

76ers (W-L): 26-32

Time: 7:30pm PST

TV: FSN Bay Area

Radio: KNBR 680

In my opinion, the Warriors vs. 76ers match-up tonight just doesn't stack-up against the debut of "Semi-Pro."  For those older cats who lived through the ABA, please feel free to let us know how close the film is based "on a true story."  Did the outrageousness of the previews full of outlandish stunts (wrestlings bears) and women in bikinis all the time really happen regularly in the ABA?  

I probably have nostalgia without memory.  U.S. popular culture has made me long for something I have no recollection of besides what colorful throwback jerseys and imagery of Dr.J's distinctive Afro and dunks tell me.  But maybe there is something about that era of sports marketing of hilariously cute logos and completely random mid-game spectacles of wrestling bears or "sexiest haltertop contests" that is quite redeemable given the current era of mass consumer conformity of equally similar sterile packaging of NBA team products.  How come all teams got the same three stripes Adiddas warmups?  Why does every team have to have a Chinese woman on a uni-cycle throwing plastic cups on the top of her head at halftime?  When is that "entertainment?" Why do the Memphis Grizzlies, Indiana Pacers, and the Warriors have relatively similar looking warmups?  Where's the style?  Where's the creativity??  Where are the halter tops???

Anyway, I slightly digress...

For years now, the league has complained about declining ticket sales, which they blame on this lingering threat of an "image problem." Well, if players in suits hasn't changed anything, nor exciting upstarts like the Warriors, why not work on some new marketing schemes?  Take for example tonight: The Warriors vs. 76ers offers little appeal.  Besides the threat that the Warriors might get run out the building or keep in insanely close playing to the level of a far less talented team, ya'll should just tivo the game, hit up the movie theater, buy a huge tub of popcorn the price of your $9 student "discount" ticket, watch some "Semi-Pro" and a few other flicks that you can sneak into, then return home to watch the game at breakneck speeds.  Granted, we might get  to see more Brandan Wright.  We might actually see a blow out against an usually hot team (are we talking about the Warriors or the 76ers?) that is overachieving.   But seriously, we need more to watch on a Friday night after a long work or school week. I love the fact that the Warriors are are 12 games above .500, but this game like many recent Warrior games might leave you scratching your head thinking, "Damn, how is this team 12 games over .500?" Gimme something to be excited about! How about something outrageous! How about something hilarious! If new exciting players like Lebron, Wade, Bosh, Melo, and Monta aren't doing it for the league with their high flying play, shouldn't we stop blaming them and forcing them into into expensive suits that we've been wearing all week at work and DON'T want to wear when watching sports? C'mon NBA, bring on the wrestling bears, bring on the halter top competitions! 


* Warriors by -2
* Monta lights up the 76ers for 26+ pts, but gives up just as much as he produces.
* 2 Croshere dunks followed by him howling.  Get this man some minutes!
* 76er's Carney, Young, and Williams go for 15+ pts.

What are your predictions?  Will the Warriors rebound (literally and figuratively -- in regards to two poor showings in a row)?  Will we see a wrestling bear?  Let us know!

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