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GSoM Turns 2! - 2 Years of Being Unstoppable Baby!

I didn't want to detract from all the hype of Chris Webber's improbable reunion with Nellie, Jason Richardson's return home to the Roaracle, the hypeness that was GSoM Night III, and a Super Bowl for the ages, but this past weekend Golden State of Mind turned 2 years old.

A thunderous BDay cake with two sugary foam finger candles!

You're all invited to our B-Day bash after the jump!

We've of course been running this show for about 2 years and 9 months (since May of 2005), but the GSoM party officially began on February 2nd 2006. Tyler (Athletics Nation), Matt (Blog-A-Bull), and Tom (Sactown Royalty) for some bizarre reason were amused by our jokes two years ago on Golden State Warriors BLOG enough to ask us to join the SBNation fam. They wined and dined us with the finest mango lassis and samosas around and gave us some free BART passes. Since we just couldn't say no to them after getting all those amazing perks and celebrity treatment, Golden State of Mind was born in the opening hours of February 2, 2006. It's been a wild ride that has surpassed all our biggest hopes and expectations.

Who would've thought in May of 2005 when we were honestly just joking around this party would grow to a site with a readership of over 8,000 golden folks? Who would've imagined this would grow into one of the most heavily trafficked hoops blogs while the Warriors were in the middle of one of the worst playoff droughts in all of sports and before the casual sports fan even knew who they were? Who would've thought we'd be rolling to Warrior games with 950+ friends? Actually come to think of it who ever would've thought 350+ Dubs junkies (still my favorite GSoM Night) would roll to a Warriors game with us when they weren't even on the NBA map? Who would've thought the Warriors would end the drought on the last day of the season and shock the world all in the fine Spring of 2k7? Who would've thought we'd actually reach our original goal of being able to raise enough dough for season tickets in the lowerbowl to share with our community? Who even thought we'd still be around two years later?

I know I sure as hell didn't. I thought we were just joking around.

We do things jumbo style 'round these parts.
[smwong photography]

Our 2 year anniversary celebration just wouldn't be complete though without giving a shout out to longtime GSoM community member J.Cob. This good man is the main reason why you and I visit each day instead of these destinations on the world wide web:

  • The Warriors Nation []
  • Dubs of the City []
  • GSW Nation []
  • East Bay Funk []- This was my pick. Thank you! Thank you!
  • Dub City Live []
  • Thong in Yo Mouth []- Let's just say my boy DJ Fuzzylogic and I have had some "creative differences" over the years.
  • Warriors Beat []
  • YaoButta's Warrior Blog []
  • Warrior City []
  • Warrior Nation []
  • Warriors Blog in the Fog []- As longtime GSoM community member Kirkkazas can attest, those were dark times to be a Warriors fan back then. Dark like a black marker (Hash thought that was my dumbest line back when we were 15, but I still to this day think it's a superb simile.)
  • Warriors Double Drivel []- Kirkkazas is the complete opposite of a bandwagon Warriors fan/ GSoMer.
  • Longest Playoff Drought in History []- Good lord that would've been a pain typing in our URL bars every day.
  • Warriors Golden Blog []
  • []- GSW BLOG reader Lawrence said this was contingent on Ron Artest coming to the Warriors, which hopefully does end up going down 2 years later!
  • Dubs of the City []

For the most part those are some truly awful names. I thank gods (Hindu hoopin'!) everyday that J.Cob came in and saved the day like Captain Save a Dub by winning The Name Game. J.Cob- hit us up via email and we'll send you some lowerbowl tix to a Dubs game this season. It's the least we can do for you. (Trust me, you saved us all from Fuzzy's "Thong In Yo Mouth"!)

To the entire GSoM community-
have a slice of eCake on us!

Thanks to all of you for helping us make this show Unstoppable Baby!

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