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Rumor: Warriors Making a Run for Ron Artest

Ric Bucher was on ESPN's Radio's Mike and Mike in the Morning show earlier today discussing the Shaq-Matrix deal between the Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns [2.6.08]. The juiciest part of the interview actually pertained to the Warriors though. Here's a transcription:

There was some weird rumor floating out there that the Warriors would make a run at Ron Artest. What was proposed out there doesn't work as far as numbers are concerned, but that's another team. The Warriors are another team that I could see going for broke and signing Chris Webber wouldn't be the end of it.

BOOMing at the Roaracle?.
(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

A few thoughts after the jump!

UPDATE (4:23pm): Also check out GSoM friend TZ's thoughts about this rumor over at Sactown Royalty- Bucher: "Mumble Mumble Ron Artest Mumble Mumble Golden State Warriors"

I won't lie. I've wanted the Warriors to bring Artest to the Bay since 2005 when the rumor mill (for what it's worth) suggested that Chris Mullin wouldn't part with Ike Diogu in a trade with the Pacers to make it happen. We all know what happened a year later of course between the Warriors and Pacers when Mullin was finally willing to part with Ike.

I won't lie. I play with ESPN's Trade Machine dreaming up packages to bring Ron Artest to the Bay way more than I'd like to admit. You can probably guess from my recent interview question with Tom from Sactown Royalty.

I won't lie. If the Warriors can add Ron Artest to this squad before this year's trading deadline and it came down to it this summer, I'd probably hold onto him over Monta Ellis or Andris Biedrins (not both of course).

I won't lie. I see tons of benefits from adding Artest:

  • Ron-Ron's a stud. When his head is on straight he's one of the best two-way talents in the league. He's better than his stats would suggest.
  • There isn't a single player in the league who brings it nightly on both sides of the floor like Ron does. You think other teams and star players like playing against him? He's like that schoolyard bully you can't stand when he's punking you, but love when he's on your side.
  • If the JRich trade (which I still think was foolish for this year) helps facilate bringing Ron Artest to the Warriors in any way, like I said back then- it was a hiest.
  • If there's anyone who can use Ron right, it's Nellie. I've heard Nellie laud Artest's game on The Don Nelson show on KNBR with The Razor and Mr. T on more than one occasion. I don't think it's a secret that Nellie thinks highly of his two-way game.
  • Chris Mullin really knows how to buy low on the trade market (e.g. Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson) and come out as a big winner.
  • Stephen Jackson has already shown he's (ready to throw) down with Artest.
  • Baron Davis and Artest go way back.
  • After BD's recent snubbing, I just have this feeling that the best thing for this team is to get a whole bunch of people who have a chip on their shoulders together on the hardwood.

  • Fantasy Junkie and I on IM today:
    FJ: barnes, jax, baron, artest? talk about a hot head team
    Atma: haha it would be wild
    FJ: i'd be scared to play against them
    Atma: they'd scare so many soft teams. think the mavs, suns, spurs want to see that?
    FJ: not at all

  • DJ Fuzzy Logic on IM after hearing the rumor:
    yea, another crazy dude on the warriors
    only nellie can harness that craziness

I won't lie. If the Warriors can add Ron-Ron at a reasonable cost this year, you'd have to think of them as championship contenders... and it's been quiet a long time since you could say that about the Dubs. Decades long.

Like De La Soul would say STAKES IS HIGH. The West is loaded but the Warriors are only 5 games out of 1st place in the mighty West. It's time to go all in.

I'm know I'm in. I'm sure Nellie, CWebb, Boom, are Jack are all in. Are you?

Does Artest in a Dubs jersey make sense? Would it vault them to the level of a championship contender?

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