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CWebb Contest: 2 Free Tickets to Watch the Golden State Warriors vs Washington Warriors


We had over 115 entries, but one GSoMer stood out from the rest... sleepys29againstshowtime!

sleepys29againstshowtime, email us at from the address on your GSoM account and we'll hook you up with the lower bowl tickets to go see the Golden State Warriors vs Washington Warriors this coming Monday. For those of you who didn't win, we have plenty of contests in store, so there's still chances to win some free tickets!

Thanks for playing!


There's something about the next few days in Dubs land that makes you Reminisce like Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth. Thursday night in Oakland Chris Webber will be starting for your Golden State Warriors as coached by Don Nelson and nationally broadcast on TNT. It's like it's 1994 again. That was not only a great year for Hip Hop, it was a great year (well the first half) for the Warriors.

Let's play Predict the Cdubbz Debut!

Next Monday night is the icing on this throwback Betty Crocker cake with the Washington Warriors including former Warrior greats Antawn "Scoop Shot" Jamison and Gilbert "#0" Arenas (in spirit) coming to town. Another twist is that way back in 1994 the Warriors traded Chris Webber for Tom Gugliotta and draft picks to... yup, you guessed it. The then named Washington Bullets. Funny how things just fall into place sometimes.

Find out how you can win a pair of lower bowl seats to see Monday night's Warriors-Wizards game plus Nellie and CWebb swapping high five's at the Roaracle Arena after the jump!

The Fine Print (Rules)

  • Anyone can submit an entry to this content, even it's your first time posting/ creating an account. If it is your first time posting however you must submit at least 5 comments in the open thread for the Bulls-Warriors game. If they are considered to be of low quality by The GSoM Crew your entry will not count, so post something thoughtful or funny.
  • Tickets are non-transferable. We will only be able to send the tickets to the email address of the winner of this contest. (i.e. Not your brother's or friend's email address. Not even your brother's friend's email address.) DO NOT submit an entry to this contest if you are not 110% sure you can make it to the Warriors-Wizards game on Monday February 11th.
  • Answers must be submitted in this thread by 7:30pm PST, Thursday February 7th. Late entries will not be considered.
  • In the event that multiple entries have the same final answer, tiebreakers will be determined by who posted their entry first- so get to it!
  • UPDATE (6:17pm): Another rule to make this simpler. Only one entry per person. Once you hit submit you've sent in your entry. No followups.
  • UPDATE 2 ( 2/7/08 3:31pm): Just in case it wasn't clear, the first criteria for deciding tiebreakers will be going down the line (minutes, points, etc). After that tiebreakers will be decided by who posted first.

This contest is simple (yet so effective!). All you have to do is predict our new starting big man Chris Webber's homecoming game statline and add up the total.

Here's an example of what your answer should look like:

1) Minutes (round up): 30
2) Points: 15
3) Field Goals Made: 6
4) Free Throws Made: 3
5) Rebounds: 9
6) Assists: 4
7) Blocks: 1
8) Steals: 2

Total = 70

Copy and paste that template with your numbers filled into the comments of this post.

In order to win, you must show your answers to each question and then correctly add up the total. Stay in skool fool!

Remember, the answer that gets closest to CWebb's actual stat total for the above questions for the Warriors-Bulls game on TNT wins 2 lower bowl tickets to next Monday's Warriors-Wizards game at 7:30pm.

Throw Up That W with your boys from GSoM!!

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One last thing... FREE ARTEST 2.0!

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