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GSoM Night III: Photoriffic Phun!!

Editor's Note: Have you entered the CWebb Contest for 2 free lower bowl tickets to Monday's game? No?! JUMP!!! (Please be sure to read all the rules!)


Note to Visa: Do you know how many people offered to sign up for a card for one of these?!

Before we turn back the clock to 1994 tomorrow, all of us here at Golden State of Mind wanted to take some time to thank so many of you for coming out to GSoM Night III. As Atma was saying in our birthday celebration, we never dreamed that a few friends dropping some truth about a team that (at the time) the Associated Press rarely bothered to cover would lead to the birth of such a positive community.

Make the jump for some GSoM Night III pictures!

For those of you that hung out by the table for a minute and chatted it up with us, you invariably got the question from us, "What name do you post under?!" In case you haven't figured it out, we love reading all of your thoughts and emotions on this ever changing team on its rise to NBA glory. Together, the GSoM community provides more Warriors insight than any one fan can handle. So if you are a longtime reader but have never posted, sign up for an account and join in on the dialogue! (At the very least, try your shot and some free lower bowl tickets on Monday!)

This time around we didn't get a ton of photos because frankly, we were having too much fun meeting all of you and watching the Bobcats get spanked. But we were able to make a round or two through some of the sections to see groups of you wearing Tony.psd's dope creation!

All in all, we ended up well over 500 deep to give J-Rich and C-Webb an exceptional welcome back to the Bay. We're already on a great head start to beating that number at GSoM Night IV on March 21st, so if you haven't done so already, contact Chris Murphy and grab your seats. We're going to keep the giveaways and prizes flowing!

Oh, one last thing before the pictures. To the ridiculously beautiful girl that came by to pick up her shirt about 5 minutes before the national anthem...

...I would feed you grapes while fanning you with a giant leaf.

You need to know that.

leaf fan

That doing anything for you?



Rollin DEEP in GSoM gear! Brings a tear to my eye.


The lights go dim as the Warriors prepare to take the floor. In the meanwhile, roughly 20,000 people are subliminally reminded to fly Southwest Airlines.


Whoa hold up. Is my man in the orange fly enough to be rockin' the GSoM Night II shirt?!!


He is!!! He is that fly!! Ladies, this dude is a keeper. Except for aforementioned hot girl. She should call me instead. (What with the grapes and the leaves and all.)


Little known fact: GSoM shirts reach maximum dopeness when popped!


Atma knows what I'm talking about. Popped for maximized dopification!


A couple of happy GSoMers who wished we didn't only make the shirts in XL. Fear not ladies, they make excellent parachutes as well! (That last statement is contingent upon you not personally attempting to verify it to be true.)


"Yo baby I reserved this shirt just for you. It's got my number on the tag! What's that? You want a different shirt? Naw, um, this is the last one. Hey where you goin?! ... Call me!"


Quite possibly the only time it's okay to not wear a Tony.psd creation; when it's over a vintage "The City" jersey. Haha.... no seriously though that's not cool man. Put the shirt on.


Atma and FJ getting down on some Roaracle treats! That's Atma's, "You seriously gonna take pictures of me eating?" look.


"This just in Warriors Nation. GSoM is UNSTOPPABLE BABY!"

Thanks for coming out everyone! See you at GSoM Night IV!!!

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