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OPEN THREAD: Game #49- Warriors vs Bulls- Turn Back the Clock!

To: Chuck
From: GSoM

Hey Charles really liked it the first time around!

Warriors (W-L): 29-19
Bulls (W-L): 19-29
Radio: KNBR 680
Time: 7:30pm

Before you make the jump don't forget to sneak in your last minute entries for the CWebb Contest for a chance to win the GSoM Crew's pair of lower bowl tickets to watch the Golden State Warriors vs Washington Warriors next Monday night at the Roaracle.

Boy did I luck into this game when the GSoM Crew were dividing up the games to cover. I'm sure you remember the thriller at the Roaracle last time TNT was in town: Recap: Warriors 121, Nets 119 - An Emotional Rollercoaster. Tonight's game most likely won't be anywhere as close of a game as that one, but it's going to be even more entertaining. Here's what I wrote about this one in this week's Counting W's piece over on The W Column for FSN Bay Area:

The Golden State Warriors, Don Nelson, Chris Webber, and Charles Barkley all on national television. I don't think it gets any better than this! The last time this happened it was the 1994 NBA Playoffs 1st Round matchup between the Warriors and Suns. I can guarantee you that Barkley will not be going off for 56 points this time around.

As far as the game this isn't going to about the sub-.400 Bulls vs the .600 Warriors. It's going to be about the Dubs coming out in full force and putting the whole hoops nation on blast for the recent Baron Davis All-Star snub. This team understandable feels pretty disrespected after getting no representation in the entire 2008 All-Star Weekend, but that's just more fuel for their fire. Nellie's crew thrives in the role of the underdog and this week's TNT NBA Thursday is just the beginning. This team wants the whole world to know that they're a force to be reckoned with. It's a big statement game, particularly for Davis, Stephen Jackson, and Chris Webber who wants to show everyone he still has plenty left in the tank. If I were the Bulls there's a million other places I'd rather be than Oakland this Thursday night.

Here's another historical twist to this game. The Warriors will be starting their #1 overall pick (via trade) from the 1993 NBA Draft in Chris Webber. On the opposite frontcourt the Bulls will be starting the Warriors #1 overall pick from the 1995 NBA Draft in Joe Smith. Seriously, this game is just one big fairy tale. You couldn't ask for a better set of storylines.

Doc Nellie and Chris McFly ain't no bull!

[Take your pick: GSoM wallpaper]

Welcome Back Webber!

Um, sky WASN'T the limit.

Just an Ordinary Joe:

Definitely check out:


  • Warriors by 5.
  • Baron Davis messes around and gets a triple double.
  • Chris Webber drops 14-8-4 with a swat and a pick mixed in. (Final call for the CWebb Contest)
  • CWebb and Nellie give each other a hug. (It'll bring a tear to my eye!)
  • After seeing how much fun CWebb has with the Dubs tonight, former #1 overall pick Joe Smith demands the Bulls to trade him to the Warriors before the February 21st trading deadline.
  • The TNT crew replays the CWebb dunk on Barkley a few times with Ernie and Kenny cracking up.
  • [Insert your own predictions about boring Bulls team here]

Before we go though... FREE ARTEST 2.0!

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