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RECAP: Warriors 119, 76ers 97 - Gangsta Gangsta, Tell me how you do it?

Yahoo! final boxscore

More accurate from the floor than Tony Parker?

Dr. Jeckyl showed up tonight and the Warriors calmly dominated the Warriors-lite the full 48 minutes.

In what looked more like a Rookie-Sophmore game than an important playoff-run game, both teams provided some electrifying play on the offense end (the photos below are enough indication that defense was not these teams strong suit); there were tons of memorable dunks from both team's young gunners.  Warrior seasoned vets put the explanation mark on the night: Pietrus probably had his best game of the year (23 pts) and Croshere  -- when his back isn't acting up as bad as Tracy McGrady's -- is able to drop points inside and from the outside.  Like kids getting into college, the Warriors were looking well rounded.

From jump, the Warriors looked like they were ready to shed their horrendous past two games from their memory.  They jumped out to a quick 11-2 lead thanks to Brandan Wright's crafty play on the break and around the basket.  Though Wright didn't initiate any offense on his own, it seemed to make sense that they helped get him involved mostly in transition.  Critics and fans love Wright for his unbound potential, but its clear that Wright has no position whatsoever YET and pretty much no game inside or outside.  He might be able to knock down a few jumpers or hook shots here or there, but he's looks as if he's another year away before he's able to put the ball on the floor or having the footwork for some post moves.  But, as we've seen from his college highlights, this kid can run AND finish on the break.  He filled in nicely as Andris Biedrins substitute, doing all that Biedrins is asked to do on offense: set picks, flash to the rim, catch passes, and dunk them.  However, I'll give it to Wright that he's got way more style that Biedrins does on the court (but no one, i mean NO ONE can compare to Biedrins' hair and suits, see those pin stripes yesterday?).  At any rate, Wright got some good experience tonight bangin' up against the milder bigs of the East and maybe we'll see that potential turn into some more material in-game impact.

Introducing...Brandan Wright.

The Warriors defense was just atrocious though.  The Warriors outscored the Sixers easily tonight but that's because they're the Sixers.  (Fill in the blank of any Sixer player) got into the lane with ease, flushing it down with highlight dunk after highlight dunk that only Monta can reproduce that quickly.  We can blame it on Biedrins appendectomy for the gap in the middle, but that's just saying the four other guys on the court aren't responsible for playing defense.  When the Warriors want to, they can be the scrappiest team in the league, frustrating teams like calculus does non-science majors.  But the lackadasical play by Monta, Baron, et al. on defense, sagging too far under screens or just not moving their feet,is emblematic of how the Warriors have been playing defense post All-Star game.  That meaning, NONE.  

It is not exactly clear who's supposed to be guarding him...

But the Warriors put it all together towards the end of the first half.  This had less to do with the Warriors shutting them down rather than the Sixers unable to hit open shots.  But the offense began to run smoothly, as it began to rain game in northern California.  Jax had his way with the Sixer, lighting them up from deep and when backing down the smaller Andre Miller and Louis Williams.  We got some incredible bench production (53 pts and 19 rebounds), especially from Pietrus playing perfectly (wow, who would have thought those two words would go in the same sentence this season).  

Carney has never been this excited about getting playing time, knowing he can get to the whole however much he wants versus the Warriors (18pts last night, 25 pts earlier this season.

I'm not sure what has gotten into Pietrus the last few games.  Maybe his agent told him all that talking to the media about being a guarunteed all-star on another team was not convincing future employers in the off-season.  Maybe his agent told him he better start playing better for the sake before anyone would take him seriously.  Maybe he had enough of the "future Bruce Bowen" comparisons that were quite a drop off from the "French Jordan" tag he had coming into the league.  Pietrus played like he was somewhere in between the two.  He accumulated blocks, steals, rebounds and attacked the rim -- either off the dribble or cutting there for an easy two.  Maybe having Wright and Webber in simultaneously meant he could go back to his more natural position at the wing.  Pietrus had an all-around game and looked inspired to have an impact on the game.

"WOW!" screams Miller as he goes into the paint unguarded AGAIN.

I can't seem to get enough of Austin Croshere! This is some serious man-love. Why is it that we always root for the budget guy that hustles on defense and hits a few buckets a game -- usually a huge dunk of some sort to get the crowd riled up???  He didn't do anything particularly incredible this game; I missed seeing his usual legs eagled out dunk with a "RROOOOOOAR."  But the guy steps in after being out for a big chunk of the season, quitely drops a couple DEEP jumpers and plays decent defense against the opposing teams biggest player.  If he can stay healthy, Croshere will be more of an important piece of this playoff race more so than we ever thought.  Write it down!
Baron strolls into the paint untouched. But more importantly, what shoes is Louis Williams wearing? Dem kicks are HOT!

Chris Webber's impact on the playoff run is going to be less in my opinion.  Perhaps he's still rusty and out of shape, but the guy looks way stiff out there.  Maybe its the white jersey that's not so flattering on him, making him look a little heftier than he really is.  Maybe it was the TV, but Webber's outlet passes looked sloppy.  Plus, he seemed to lack energy, though that could be purely conjectural based on what little I can see from my couch.   But it's nice seeing him offer advice on the floor and whether or not its happening or not, Webber could be a nice mentor for the young Wright (sans the horrible injuries over the years).   On that note:


Today, March 1st, is C-Webb's B-day!  Thank you for all your great highlights! Here are the best of your career!

Like.. FLY NIKE AIR MAXS! These weighed a ton

Chris Webber.JPG
Dope rhymes. I bought this record at Rasputin's for .25 cents

To take a line out of C.Webb's own book, "gangsta gangsta, tell me how you do it?" Dating pop models before it was the cool thing to do and before this guy:

Dating Tyra post C.Webb was ANOTHER bad scouting report on Isiah's part. Past her prime and a questionable talk show and aspiring singing career, Isiah's acquisition was questionable like signing Jared Jeffries


PIETRUS!  Spectacular plays on both ends of floors and perfect from the field.  

(Photos by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

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