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Back to the Future: Air Zoom Flight 95

In 1995, I experienced puberty full swing, I experienced my first 'real' kiss, I experienced running liners after school 4 days a week for basketball practice, and I experienced some horrible Warriors basketball.  I experienced quite a bit at the tender age of 15, but I never experienced these:


These beauties are called the Nike Air Zoom Flight 95s.  A new generation of basketball upstarts in the post-Magic, post-Bird, post-Zeke and infinitely more hip-hop NBA spawned a new line of footwear and style hierarchies.  It also marked a new generation of marketing by industry standard and giant, Spalding.  Just kidding, I'm talking about Nike if you didn't know already.  To market the shoes, Nike locked up endorsement deals with recent first rounders such as Jason Kidd, Kevin Garnett, Jim Jackson, and heck, even Joe Smith to go with these new marketing schemes; these were players that could match the new futuristic look.

The bug-eyes on the side were considered bizarre by shoe fans.  It's non-traditional shape along with its shiny, checkered vinyl-like siding defied all shoe convention.  If Lebron James' shoes are modeled after Hummer's, then the Zoom Flight 95s, made for Jason Kidd, must have been inspired by spaceships and flying saucers.  His game was just THAT out of this world.  Perhaps so was this new generation of high flyers, their baggy shorts and that hip-hop swag.

It's been more than a minute since Nike re-released them and it's about time.  I'm sure most sneakerheads are well aware of this cultural phenomenon; if not, you're're all welcome!  I remember being in awe of the varsity players and good JV players who managed to cop a pair.  I probably went to every nearby mall in hopes of emulating Jason Kidd, but also high school basketball gods.  I finally got a pair last week; my high school experience has been fulfilled.  

Find your size, HERE!

Got yours yet?  Did you ever own a pair?   Share your story if you did!

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