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Recap: Warriors 110, Grizzlies 107- A Win with the Iavaroni, but Not the Cheese

In the grand scheme of things, regardless of the outcome of home games like this the Warriors are in an unfair situation. Blowout wins against terrible teams are considered meaningless. Close wins like tonight's are cause for concern and losses spell doomsday.

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Coach Iavaroni and Cheese to his team: "Shhh... I don't think they realize we're the Grizzlies!"

Final Boxscore

BUT thank god the Warriors didn't give up 45 points in the 4th. A win's a win!

Postive Plays
Sure it wasn't a pretty night by any means for the Dubs, but here's a bunch of positives I took from the game:

  • Monta Ellis who's shooting a lowly 22.5% on 3's this season, just couldn't miss from outside tonight! (Okay it was only 1 for 1, but I'll take it.)

  • The Dubs contained Warrior Killer Mike Miller and he only dropped 19 points on them this time! (Okay, he had 6 dimes and was the game leader with 13 boards, but that's better than him going off for 40.)

Good thing they didn't leave him open!

  • Matt Barnes played an efficient 9:25 and hit all 3 of his trifecta attempts. Last season Barnes hit 36.6% of his 3's, but this season he's down to 29.6%. If he can get back to that level, this Warriors team is that much more deadly. Bring back the mohawk?

  • Andris Biedrins collected 8 boards in the first quarter alone. The Warriors have been criticized for coming out lethargic, but I'd venture to say Biedrins actually plays best in the first quarter. While other players are trying to find their groove, Biedrins crashes the glass.

  • Air France is still flying high. This might actually be the biggest story down the stretch. I know Mickael Pietrus battled that nasty shot to the nose earlier this season, but where was he earlier? From the driving and dunking to the tenacious D and rebounding, I like what I see. Hey, I'd like to retain this version of MP2 this offseason. The one from earlier this season? Um, not so much.


Evaporating 17 Point Lead with Sloppiness

Near the end of the 3rd quarter it looked like this game was as good as done and Nellie and the gang could flip the switch to cruise control. Little did we know the Warriors would surrender 41 points to one of the league's worst teams at home in the final period.

  • The normal care the Warriors exhibit with the rock was missing tonight and they actually got out-thieved by the Grizzlies. Thankfully the Warriors got away with 20 turnovers and getting picked 15 times and swatted 4. The passing wasn't crisp or on target. Starting SG Monta Ellis (I don't think you can call him a Combo guard anymore if you look at his numbers and how he plays) cannot walk away with only 1 assist and 3 turnovers against good teams in the league.

  • During last season's money stretch and miraculous playoff series against the Dallas My Little Ponies the Warriors won big with their swarming D. This year that defensive intensity and rigor has only shown some flashes. This is a terrible defensive team both on the exterior and interior. Overall there isn't much consistent resistance to penetrating guards and the Warriors are just Charmin soft inside.

Patented 2007-2008 Warriors Defense.

  • You know there's a problem when slender 6'9 219 pound Hakim Warrick playing out of position at the 5 spot backs down Andris Biedrins and scores easily in the post. Warrick continually went at Biedrins one on one tonight even though Andris had a pretty sizeable height and weight advantage. Thankfully Hakim just missed a bunch of good looks. NO ONE is scared of the Warriors inside. Biedrins and his 1.2 blocks per game intimidate no one. People wonder why Nellie only plays this rebounding machine 27 minutes nightly. Well, it's probably the D. I don't believe his defense was this bad last season, but maybe I'm wrong. What happened?

  • Chris Webber might help the Warriors defend a little bit inside when he returns (rest up CDubb!), but this is by far the biggest gaping whole on this roster. If the top 9 teams in the West exploit this Warriors weakness, the party's over.

But let's see what Nellie had to say about all this [AP]:

"We were very vulnerable, but we came away with a win and that's the main thing," coach Don Nelson said. "There are no bad teams in the NBA. There isn't anybody we can't beat and there isn't anybody that can't beat us on any given night. We didn't look much like an eighth-place team tonight, but we remain there. We're going to have to play a lot better than we played tonight and I know we will."


  • Why hasn't Chris Mullin found a single decent rugged big man/ enforcer in his 4 years in the Warriors front office?
  • Who will have a better NBA career when it's all said and done- Kosta Perovic (never missed a shot in the NBA) or Marco Belinelli (never met a shot he didn't like)?
  • Was Mike Conley a bad pick at #4 this past draft?
  • Can the Rockets please keep winning till GSoM Night 4?
  • Can you believe the Warriors are 17 games over .500?!


No Warrior really stood out tonight statwise, but I do want to acknowledge Baron Davis' resilience and bouncing back from starting the game 0-8, going scoreless in the first half, and a pinky-jam, to drop 19 points. Take away BD's second half scoring and the Warriors walk away Saturday with an embarrassing loss at the Roaracle. Nellie knows whassup:
"It affected his play," Nelson said of the finger injury. "I don't know how else to say it. He just had to fire up in the fourth quarter and start playing or we weren't going to win the game and we did."

Photos: Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images


Don't miss!

UPDATE (10:30am): I honestly feel really terrible about this. I can't believe I let this one slip. Please forgive me.

Shout out to Brian Cardinal aka The Janitor!

If you don't know, you better ask somebody!

Sure we missed out on KG, but at least we had The Janitor!

Update 2: Mickael's HAPPY!

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