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OPEN THREAD: Warriors @ Kings


Warriors (W-L): 41-24

Kings (W-L): 30-36

Time: 7:00PM PST tip off


Vegas Odds: Golden State by 1 (source:

Golden State by 1?!!! C'mon Yahoo... seriously?!

Unfortunately yes. While the Kings are not exactly mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, they are in a position to put a dent into our current 8th seed bid. And the loss of Bibby hasn't exactly slow them down.


Yes. This is a game that we should win. But the Warriors have a knack for making these kinds of matchups nail biters. It seems as though the good people at Yahoo have finally realized that. The Kings haven't found their rhythm this season but, much like us, they are capable of dispatching some pretty serious teams. If memory serves me correctly, they were able to topple the first place Lakers (cringe) no more than a week and a half ago.

These boys can score.

Kevin Martin is a future all star in the making. Anyone who has seen him play knows that he is fully capable of lighting up for 20+ in Arco tonight. Mikki Moore is a certified Warrior Killer. Brad Miller seems to consistently enjoy having his way with us in the post. And Ron Ron?!

Well, that fool is just plain crazy. But he can still ball it up.

In our past two meetings, the Kings have managed to keep the scores close and, consequently, our butts at the edge of our seats. Although we've taken all of our previous meetings this year, the Kings are no pushover. And this is simply not the time to let them take control of this Northern California rivalry.

We have way more to lose tonight than they do. Let's play like it.



* Arco plays host to more Warrior fans than Kings fans tonight.
* We keep Martin to under 15.
* Barnsie has a big night against his former hometown
* Warriors by 7

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