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OPEN THREAD: Game #67- Warriors vs Clippers- House of Horrors

Warriors and Clippers fans have always had a special connection.
[via Deadspin]

Warriors (W-L): 41-25
Clippers (W-L): Playing Super Lotto
Radio: KNBR 680
Time: 7:30 PST

Of all the Warriors games to put on national TV, they pick this one? Make the jump for a little WarriorsCenter.

The Warriors dropped a tough one last night to the Sacramento Kings. Baron Davis didn't hit those crazy BD-shots in the 4th, Monta Ellis was stifled by the physicalness of the Kings defense, Ellis, Kelenna Azubuike, and Andris Biedrins forgot to play defense, Stephen Jackson was in foul trouble early and often, the now super happy Mickael Pietrus came back down to earth, and Ron Artest was well... Ron-Ron. God they should've traded for him.

More on game #66:

But we shall move on...

The Warriors and Clippers have squared off twice this season:

It's been quite some time since the Warriors last won in LA- against the Clippers or Lakers period. That has to end soon since the Warriors play there 4 times a season. Tonight's their best bet. Clips breakout center Chris Kaman and rookie stud Al Thornton don't look like they'll be playing. Big man extraordinaire Elton Brand is of course still out. This leaves the Mike Dunleavy Sr. with Cory Maggette and a bunch of guys who make nice backups, but wouldn't start on the overwhelming majority of the teams in the league.

Here's what my boy DJ Fuzzy Logic said about this game in this week's Counting W's segment.

The Clippers always seem to have the Warriors' number. Perhaps it was some curse or hex that Mike Dunleavy Sr. had on his son Mike Dunleavy Jr. while with the Warriors, which had some debilitating effect on the Warriors at-large. Since the departure of Dunleavy Jr., the Warriors have managed to win a few more games against their conference rival. Plus, an injury depleted Clippers means the Warriors have set sail for another win! Well, it probably won't be that easy. Historically, Corey Maggette and Chris Kaman have proved too much to handle for the Warriors. Maggette is pretty high percentage shooter, but will look to put in on the floor and attack the basket if his 10 free throw attempts per game are any indication. Kaman has shown this season his ability to dominate the post against the Warrior "bigs"; but his injuries as of late have hampered his improvements this season both on the offense and defensive end (3 blocks a game). The resurgence of what looks to be Corey Maggette 2.0 in Al Thorton has been one of the intriguing subtexts to an otherwise disappointing season of injuries. He's been lighting up against almost everyone and getting it done on the glass as well. Yet, this current assemblage of players might give the Warriors some trouble since it's a back to back for our dubs. But with perennial cast-aways Dan Dickau, Smush Parker, and Brevin Knight are co-managing your point position all season, you know that the team is already thinking about next season.

Prediction: 1 more for the W column

A loss here on national TV would not only be painful, it would be stupid.

Also make sure to head on over to Clips Nation. ClipperSteve dropped science in his Q&A with us. The man knows his stuff.


  • Warriors by 5 to finally end to drought in Staples.
  • Boom Dizzle notches a triple double.
  • Corey Maggette goes to the free throw line 15 times on his way to 20-12.
  • Al Harrington drops 20 big ones.
  • Former Warrior Josh Powell is tonight's Warrior Killer, but not the Warrior Wonder.

Make sure to post your game predictions and thoughts in the comments.

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