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The Golden State Beard


Inspired by the good folks over at Fear the Beard!

What if we were to flip the script on believing this season and simply... grow a beard! I know it's a far fetched idea but a lot of people are making that extra effort during our playoff run. Even the fake beards are acceptable to rock in public! (Kids and ladies too!) Just the thought of seeing a sea of yellow We Believe T-Shirts accompanied with a thick beard (grown, strapped on or cut-out) is history in the making. If the players of Golden State went the next step and grew beards that would be an incredible site to see. Just imagine... actually, let me draw it out so we can all see the possibilities!

I've taken a stab at movies, music, and tall tales, but on this one I wanted to give it that TV sitcom feel... The Beard Bunch! Where do I begin?

1) Monta Ellis: This is going to be Monta in 6 years looking extra street! That rugged look is most fitting although what do the ladies think?

2) Al Harrington: The beard is looking fly on Harrington and he's looking a little bit like Hip-Hop veteran Common!

3) Andris Biedrins: Is reminding me of a young Chuck Norris posting up for a rebound! Originally, I was just gonna give him a beard shadow since he isn't old enough to have a thick one.

4) Don Nelson: I went with a thick black beard for Nellie because the white one reminded me too much of Santa Clause!

5) Matt Barnes with a beard kind of reminds me of Freeway from Roc-a-fella!

6) Kelenna Azubuike: With a beard he looks like that dude from ER!

7) Baron Davis: Need I say more? Rock the Beard!

8) Stephen Jackson: I know he's trimmed it considerably, but hey- lets get it thick as if he was competing with Baron's!

I'm just having fun with the idea and adding on to the ever growing Beard Movement that even Baron is representing. Spread the word!

My favorite Beard related sites:
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The Crossover: Baron Davis's blog site on Yardbarker (Baron wants to see who can grow the biggest beard!)

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