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OPEN THREAD: Warriors vs Blazers - The Future is Now


Warriors (W-L): 35-22

Blazers (W-L): 31-28

Time: 6:00PM PST tip off


Vegas Odds: Golden State by 6 (source:

Portland is coming to town!

It wasn't really that long ago that those words were relatively insignificant to teams in the NBA world. Sadly, that isn't the case this year. Nor will it be for years to come.

What we're seeing in Portland is team growing up fast. Despite a slowdown to their incredible start of the season, Brandon Roy and company are still a quite a force to be reckoned with on the floor. Don't believe me? Well the past two times we've played them this season they've slowed our roll offensively and put us away. Still don't believe me? Just ask the Lakers, who they put away no more than two days ago.

Make the JUMP to breakdown the beast!

Despite having some potent scorers in their starting lineup, (Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge) Portland's bench can go pretty deep. Travis Outlaw is a certified Warrior Killer and from a quick glance at his stats this year, we're not the only team he's giving problems to. Jarrett Jack has also been logging some pretty serious minutes and has been delivering offensively.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not discounting our boys here! With Beans' absence we have been treated to some nice little surprises in our line-up. Nellie has finally reached down to our young-uns' and pulled up Brandan Wright into getting some serious minutes. And Wright has begun to deliver.

In the meanwhile:

* C-Webb has slowly started to get some legs underneath him and begun to grab more boards, nail a few more shots, and even net some dimes.
* MP2 has put on a couple of impressive showings, leading me to believe that he's starting to rediscover his role with this team.
* Austin Croshere has been scary hot. (Seriously. That's never going to get old.)

Add these developments to the current nightly threats that are Ellis, Davis and Jackson, and I see a team headed in the right direction. We fully have the capability to dispatch Portland tonight. And we better deliver. Because right now in the West...

...every game counts.

REMINDER: If you're going to the game tonight, leave nice and early. Argentina is playing Mexico (soccer) at McAfee so that area is going to be PACKED! Drive safe.

* Baron comes to play. Brandon Roy requests a re-do of the All Star game with Davis in his place.
* C-Webb. Double Double. It's gotta happen one of these days!
* Brandan Wright extends for a dunk that makes Dhalsim's arms look short.
* Warriors by 4.

Lastly, be sure to say hi to Dave and friends over at Blazer's Edge and leave some thoughts on tonight's game!

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