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GSoM Night 4 is Going to Be LEGENDary!

We're about 24 hours away from the unstoppablness that is GSoM Night 4, our final official field trip for the community at large. You all know about the hypeness- the high-fiving, the volume, the shout outs from our man Franco Finn, jumbotron airtime, inflatable Thunder, the prizes, and tons of jokes. And of course the first 400 golden folks get this tee:

BUT I'd just like to add that we have another special late add to the festivity. It's just as hype as Brian McKnight and his national anthem to open the legendary Game 3 against the Dallas Mavericks in last year's 1st Round Shock the World Series.

Brian's STILL welcome here- ANYTIIIIME!

DJ Fuzzy Logic, Hash, and I just struck a deal with his agent literally minutes ago. Ladies and gentlemen at tomorrow's GSoM Night in the building named Roaracle to perform the National Anthem and much more, we have none other than the legendary...


Lace up your Nike Air's and JUST DO THIS JUMP!

In all seriousness, John and Stephen Jackson have been doing some legendary things that definitely deserve some love.

Here's what The Show Me Campaign is all about:

"Show Me" is a beautiful song that charts a conversation with God about the state of the world and the individual's place in it. These simple themes form the founding principles for the Show Me Campaign which was launched as a platform to contribute to the betterment of the world.

The mission of the Show Me Campaign is to fight economic and spiritual poverty through fostering sustainable development (personal, social, educational, economic) at the individual, family, and small community levels. The Show Me Campaign is a grassroots movement that engages all of its participants as agents of transformative change from the bottom up.

The Show Me Campaign operates from a basic principle of thoughtful action versus mere words and calls on all of us to commit to making a difference in the world. We see power in individuals working in concert toward tangible ends and believe that we all have responsibility to address the issues that imperil our collective human future.

It's just great to see people like John Legend and Stephen Jackson stepping up as role models and doing so many positive things. Forget their musical and hoops gifts for a second though. You aren't left with just ordinary people. You're left with really good people. For more check out:

In honor of John Legend's attendance at GSoM Night 4 at the Roaracle, here's two of my favorite tracks that are blessed with his Legendaryness:

Used to Love U

Like That

Blacked Eyed Peas featuring Q-Tip, Talib Kweli, Cee-Lo, and John Legend

Thank god it's almost Friday.


Don't forget to bring your cameras.
We'll make sure to show your white tee-ed crew some love in the GSoM recaps of the night.

John Legend's in the house!

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