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OPEN THREAD: Game 69 - Warriors @ Lakers - A New Hope

Warriors (W-L): 42-26
Lakers  (W-L): 48-21
Time: 6:30pm PST
TV: FSN Bay Area
Radio: KNBR 680

Tony.psd did it again. Check out his site!

Cali Wars - A New Hope

Long time ago but really today, in a Staples Center far far away ...

A New Hope

It is a war for state domination.
Our heroic Warriors, attacking
a fan bandwagon stadium, who have
tied the two game series so far
against the evil Galactic
Empire … the Lakers

During the battle, Baron "Han Solo" Davis
Will lead Monta "Luke Skywalker" Ellis
to his destiny with
plans to destroy the Empire’s
ultimate weapon, the Staples Center (also known as the DEATH STAR),
an armored traffic consuming stadium guarded by
thousands of Laker Fans (Storm Troopers)
hiding behind the one man who can stop us,
Kobe "Darth Vader" Bryant

Lead by the Empire’s evil emperor, Phil Jackson
Nellie "R2-D2" will have to come up with a master plan
To hold down Jabba the Hut (also known as Gasol)
And sneak in a win
In an unlikely situation … the story continues

Our alliance is set. We have snuck past security and are on our way to destroy the Staples Center. Holding us back is the first place team in the Western Conference the Los Angeles Lakers. Darth Vader recently combined with Jabba the Hut to form this ultimate force which propelled them to the top of the conference. The evil Lakers hold a nine game winning streak at the Death Star, and laugh at our attempt to end it. We haven’t won there since 2003.

Our loss Friday night to the Rockets jammed us a game and a half back of Dallas and we still hold the 8th spot. As redundant as it is imperative every game counts. If the playoffs were to start today, this would be the matchup of gigantic proportions. YaoButtaMing loathes the Lakers so much he’s going to cover both Episodes, tonight and tomorrow.

Who is going to stop this guy?

But we have a chance. With the recent success of C-3PO (Biedrins) taking Jabba the Hut to a Tatooine bar last night and leaving him there, the evil Lakers are without Jabba for the next two games. Will Princess Jessica Alba be there to support? Only time will tell.

So the stage is set. Han, Luke, Chewbacca (Barnes), C-3PO, and R2-D2 have snuck into the Staples Center with their goal in sight, to win the game and get out as fast as they can. Will they succeed?

No Predictions but YaoButta’s contest: Baron loves to play well in LA. Give me the combined points scored of Baron and Kobe. If tie, please tell me which team wins tonight?

Winners are tallied for end of season YaoButtaMing awards!

Special Thanks again to Tony.Psd!!

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