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Chris Webber Retires After 15 Golden Years

Earlier this morning Chris Webber and the Golden State Warriors held a press conference announcing his retirement from the NBA.

After 15 years of drama there's plenty to smile about!
(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Jump for the jam like CWebb could during the Fab 5 era!

Here's a snippet of the press conference:

You can check out the full video of the press conference over on

In his press conference Webber alluded to wanting to stay around professional hoops and that 2 teams had already contacted him. Yesterday when word first broke about the retirement I said he'd make a fine assistant coach and maybe a head coach someday because of his off the charts hoops IQ. I could also see him making a pretty good front office man a few years from now after learning the ropes. He's always struck me as a smooth and bright guy. I think he'd be a far better GM than former players like Kevin McHale, Isiah Thomas, Billy King, Danny Ainge, John Paxon, Danny Ferry, and Chris Mullin (Don Nelson saved him). Not that those are some all time great front office personnel by any stretch, but I'll take my chances with Webber in 3-5 years against those guys.

But CWebb's first profession after playing pro hoops as he noted will probably be as a TV analyst. GSoM friend John Ryan has the inside scoop that CWebb will begin his TV career on TNT tomorrow night in a double header that features of course... the Golden State Warriors! Webber's just subbing in for Kenny Smith this week, but I could see him being a fantastic addition to the already Grade AAA TNT NBA crew. Maybe we should start a count of how many times they replay this on TNT:

A few quick unforgettable clips:

Fab 5

1993 NBA Draft Lottery

Webber Goes #1 Overall

CWebb R.O.Y.

Welcome Back!

What's next for CWebb?

C these CWebb Links:

GSoM Archive:

As an editorial note, I have to say I really loved the drama and excitement of covering the Chris Webber and Don Nelson short, but wildly entertaining reunion tour on the Golden State Warriors 14 years after the breakup and start of the drought (see The Dirty Dozen: 1 | 2 | 3). Part of me now feels complete. The curse is over. I'm just waiting for Chris Cohan to sell the team now. Two words: Larry Ellison. He put the Oracle in Roaracle.

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