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GSoM Night 4 - Get your tickets!

GSoM Night 4 T-shirt Design

GSoM Night 4 - Friday, March 21 vs Houston

As you all know, GSoM Night 4 vs Houston is rapidly approaching on March 21st, so we have just under 3 weeks to go. This game could have serious playoff implications if the standings remain as tight as they are right now. Even with Yao shelved, it's going to have a playoff-like atmosphere, something you won't want to miss.

We've got around 150 tickets remaining to be sold. Because of the popularity of the game and the Warriors, GSOM will only be able to pull in about 400 people. Thus the first 400 people will be guaranteed a free t-shirt.

Chris Murphy, the dynamic Warriors group ticket sales representative, is holding those remaining tickets for us. But with the game being so popular, he may not be able to reserve them much longer. Warriors management might just put them on sale to the general public. Order your tickets ASAP to make sure you get them.

Here's all the ordering information you need

Chris Murphy, Warriors group tickets sales representative, will take care of you. Follow these 2 simple instructions and you'll be on your way to getting your tickets.
  1. Download the form and fill it out.
  2. Email it to Chris or fax it (510) 663-9192.

For more details and goodies on the night, hit the jump.

GSoM Night 4: Friday, March 21 vs Houston Rockets

  1. Limited Tickets
    We're offering up upper bowl tickets for $40 (originally $48).

  2. Free GSoM Night 4 T-shirt
    The first 400 people to buy tickets receive the GSoM Night 4 t-shirt for free. Yet another Tony.psd mindblowing creation

  3. Raffle for all kinds of great goodies
    Free Warriors memorabilia, lower and upper bowl tickets, and autographed items. A chance to win all this stuff comes with being a part of the mighty GSOM Night 4.

  4. High 5 the Players
    20 kids ages 16 and under will be selected at random to high 5 the players as they come out of the locker room. Sign your kids up for this experience they'll never forget.

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