Dear Matt, I miss your Mohawk

Dear Matthew Barnes,

I miss your Mohawk.  More than that I miss what it did to you, to our team, and to our Bay.  With the mohawk you hit clutch threes, you dunk in the face of MVPs, you make great passes, and you play great D.

Down the stretch here I think you need to consider those things that are bigger than you: the Warriors and Destiny.  And I'm not talking about the stripper at the Gold Club, I'm talking about the Warriors  fate (although I'm pretty sure the stripper preferred the mohawk).

In all seriousness, Matt, we need it back.  If for no other reason than to scare some of the bandwagon fans out of my seats.  To fire up the crowd that much more.  To get our collective swagger on that much harder.  To motivate me to start my own blog called

You are Samson. The hawk, your hair: your power.  Bring it back and let's take the 7th seed and start mashing in the playoffs.

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