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OPEN THREAD: Game 60 - Warriors @ Bobkittens

Warriors (W-L): 37-22

Bobcats (W-L): 21-39

Time: 4:00pm PST

TV:FSN Bay Area

Radio: KNBR 1050

The Warriors slammed the Hawks in the 2nd half of last night's game. It was something similar to what the Warriors did for an entire game against the Bobcats in Oakland for GSoM Night 3 (Thanks Warriors). Now they revisit the team they blew out of Oakland. A team with some athletic, talented players, but a hideous, unforgiveable record.

Jump. Please?

Remember this?

Sure, that dunk from BWright was in garbage time but still was a lot of fun. Now, he's getting some real game time experience as a starter helping to fill in Biedrins' minutes. It's about time. He's got his ups and downs, but he's showing he can contribute for this year in limited minutes. 5 minutes here and there and he'll give you some energy off the bench - a guy who can rebound, challenge shots, and run the floor. As long as Nellie keeps playing him, I think we'll see him become more consistent.

And someone I'd like to keep up his good play so we can get something consistent from him - Mickael Pietrus. Ever since that trading deadline passed, he's been a valuable asset off the bench and playing a key role like he did last year. I'm crossing my fingers he keeps this up because we need production off the bench.

As for the Bobcats, although they've won 2 in a row, they still stink, just slightly less than 2 games ago. In February they were 1-11 and are 3-12 in their last 15. Ouch. Turn a couple of those February losses into wins, and instead of being 5 games out of the last spot in the East playoff picture, they're just a couple games out.

Emeka Okafor is a beast inside and is playing better now than any other point in the season. He'll be a tough guard for anyone out there. Al Harrington and Brandan Wright will get overpowered. Chris Webber will get outquicked. Biedins isn't playing. That leaves us with? Austin Croshere? Haha. No. I think Nellie will play it by ear and how Okafor starts out. If he gets hot, Nellie will have to throw a double team at him. The key here is to keep Okafor off the offensive boards and easy buckets. Box out, crash the boards, no second chance points.

Gerald Wallace is not playing this game due to a concussion he suffered last week. Phew. That guy is scary and crazy. But he's replaced by Matt Carroll who's been playing well in Wallace's place as a starter getting his scoring on. Look out for him on the 3 point arc - dude can light it up out there. Considering this Warriors' defense, he'll get some good looks out there.

Anyways, the Warriors are on a roll. 4 in a row! Both teams are on the 2nd game of a back to back. It's a game the Warriors are supposed to win, need to win, and will win.

Predictions: I'm just going to call out some names who will do well

  • Warriors win by 7
  • Monta!
  • Stephen Jack
  • BW
  • Emeka
  • Jason Richardson (didn't think I'd go the whole preview without his name did you?)

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